Award Tribute – Funky, Wishing On A Starr

For all of you who are used to “A Little Bit Friday” today will be quite the opposite! It’s time for the Award Tribute to Funky/Wishing On A Starr.
I want to start with a big I’M SORRY!!!! On the previews and the filenames I have made the big mistake of calling it Wishing UPON a Starr… It should of course be Wishing ON a Starr. But correcting everything would have caused a day’s delay and I wanted to get this out today. So I hope you can forgive me Funky!?!?!

If you are not familiar with Funky and her blog I can tell you that she is spoiling us rotten with great freebies and most of them have no TOU attached! I always get in a good mood when visiting her blog because she is a positive, energetic and extremely creative lady. And if you read about the cause for her blog and all the other obstacles in her way that spirit is AMAZING!

I have made you some different freebies from her material and in her spirit I have made their TOUs as free as possible. I have also included a Bonus that I think of as “Because I know you LOVE it”-Bonus. I hope you’ll like it all and after downloading hurry over to Funky to get “The Real Deal”.

Click each image for direct download.

Freebie #1 is a bunch of labels with foliage border.

Alternative download link (Hotfile):

Next you get a paper pack with 5 papers and a page frame.

Alternative download link (Hotfile):

Then it’s time for a QP. I have also included the cluster frame separately.

Alternative download link (Hotfile):

And finally – You all time favourite Chocolates! 3 corner clusters and a special Easter page border.

Alterntive download link (Hotfile):

Enjoy and have a great Easter Weekend. I’ll be back with the final Award Tribute for Atomic Cupcake as soon as possible (I hope tomorrow, but no promises).

8 thoughts on “Award Tribute – Funky, Wishing On A Starr

  1. What a beautiful job you’ve done with the creations…..absolutely gorgeous.
    No worries poppet about the UPON LOL :)……..
    Thanks so very very much for the lovely special tribute with my tubes….
    Blessings for all you do.
    Have a wonderful Easter.
    Love n huggles Funky xxxx

  2. Hello and Thank you so much for all of the items dedicated to Funky. I hope you have a fantastic Easter too…

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