Birthday Launch – and a CU4CU Freebie

Birthday Site Launch

I promised you a big launch of a finish website on my Birthday. Today is my Birthday. Is the site finish?

Well, almost. The most important things are in place, and I’m satisfied with the results so far. Now I only have to hope that you will be satisfied too, cause today is the day…

Welcome to the (almost) finish web site of Nothing but Freebies.

What’s new?

First of all, of course, there is the new look, but you already know about that (and thank you for your positive feedback).

  • A slider has beed added to the front page showing all recent freebies and new will be added for each posting.
  • The top menu have grown and could look better, but for now this is what it is.
  • But most important….
  • The Members Area is now up and running!

Members Area

My best Birthday present this year was when I late last night could lean back and say “Done!”. I have been working almost around the clock to get it finish for today – uploads take a bloody long time!

But now I can welcome anyone who wants to join my little club.

Member Area Ticket

The details of the What, How and Why is described on the “Membership – What & How” page, but here is a short summery:

  • As a member you will get access to the Members Area and thereby tons of exclusive Freebies and other goodies.
  • You become a member by purchasing the access code from the PayPal button found in the menu on the right.
  • The price for lifetime access is only $25 once and for all.
  • Special gifts and events will be initiated in the beginning of 2014.
  • A Members Newsletter will be added as soon as the member list is long enough.

Now isn’t that a Membership worth considering…

I really hope you will enjoy both the open-to-all site and the Members Area.

What is to come?

One of the things I didn’t get done in time is the Backlist. The plan is to move some of my older Freebies to a Backlist, just like publishers do with books. I hope it will be done before Christmas.
Neither did I manage to get through all the posts from Blogger so some of them look a little peculiar – but they should be working.

Birthday & Launch Freebie

No post without a Freebie. Today I chose to take one of the overlay packs from the Members Area and turn it into a paper pack for you. The circle patterns are a bit retro, and when I saw today’s colour palette from Design Seeds there was no doubt. Here is “Retro Circle Papers” for you:

Download links below image.

Birthday launch - Retro Circle Papers

Click image for larger view.







Now I’ll go into the City to have cake and hot chocolate with my mother – Happy Birthday to me!

Signature - Birthday launch

3 thoughts on “Birthday Launch – and a CU4CU Freebie

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Sorry you’re actual day was Thanksgiving here in the US so I’m late, but hope you had an awesome birthday! I’d love to join your club, but right now, I don’t have the funds, hopefully in the future! Congratulations of finishing!!

  2. Happy. Happy Birthday, Trine — I hope you enjoyed it to the max! Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day here in the US, so I was happily busy with family here at home, enjoying our time together and a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.

    The retro papers are fabulous, and I thank you so very much for sharing.

    Also, I’m so excited about your Members Area now being open. I’m signing up just as soon as I finished this comment. 🙂

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