Blossoming Stripes Papers

Stripes are blossoming today

After yesterday’s “explosion” of creativity and productivity I have taken it easy today. I have gone back to basics with a blossoming stripes paper pack. The stripes are simple/basic but as usual the colours (from Design Seeds) make them into something special – blossoming! I have chosen a colour palette that gives the stripes a feeling of spring, but not limited to spring use.

The pack contains 12 papers all 12 x 12, 300 dpi,  JPGs and since they are 100 % me-made you are welcome to use them for CU4CU and everything beneath that.

And the good news is: After several days of stressing your connection with heavy and many downloads, today’s zip is only 2 MB!!! Yeahhh 🙂

Download links below image.

Folder for - Blossoming Stripes 600

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Spring Festival in coming to an end….

Sunday will be the last official Spring Festival Day but before that I will of course bring you 2 more Freebies – one tomorrow and one on Sunday.

After that I will take he advise of several of you and take it easy for a while. I have a lot of new material I have to upload both here on the blog and on the Members Area, so that will keep me occupied for a few days. So if we get to Wednesday or Thursday before you here from me again, don’t worry. I will be back with LOADS of goodies for you as soon as they are in place.

In the meanwhile, Enjoy Spring (if you have it) and most importantly – Enjoy Life!!!!

See you soon.

Lime Signature for Blossoming Stripes


2 thoughts on “Blossoming Stripes Papers

  1. Your blossoming stripes papers are just so lovely and, as you said, certainly aren’t limited to spring. They are incredibly versatile and appropriate for so many occasions. Thank you so much.

    So glad to hear that you are taking your much earned/needed rest (although from all indications, it seems you will just be keeping your usually busy self even more busy behind the scenes for a few days) 🙂

    Know that you are so very much appreciated by us all.

  2. these are beautiful! thank you! Now is a good time to enjoy the weather while its spring – so spending alot of times outside, because summer will be here all two quick with its 110 to 120 tempatures sooooo not looking forward to that!

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