A break in my break

Long Break

Well, the short break in posting turned out to be a little longer than planned. And it’s not over yet – I’m just taking a break from taking a break…

Let me give you a short summary:

  • The planned break ended up being work, work, work. Not much of a break except from NbF and designing.
  • Due to that my MS is acting up again. It’s not BAD, but enough to make me think about what I’m doing with myself and my time.
  • Due to both of the above I have handed in my notice and will stop working by the end of November, and that means another week of hard work to finish open tasks and hand over my work to someone else.

That means that today’s post is just a single little tweet from me in the middle of a tough period and I think there will be another one in the coming week. But then I will continue my break by taking off to my favourite place in Denmark (the island of Bornholm) and have a week of true vacation = relaxing and enjoying myself WITHOUT any kind of work!

I hope that will bring my brain and my nervous-system in enough order to let me have a great December and Christmas.

Please think of me and send a healing thought or two in my direction so I can come back and do what I love the most – sharing my work with you all 🙂

Movember Pack

Since it is November I have to make a Movember Pack and here it is. It contains:

  • 5 overlays
  • 5 bevel overlays
  • 5 papers
  • + a bonus of 6 moustaches elements

Preview - Movember Pack 6004shared






Have fun and let the stach grow and remember to take a break once in a while 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you again soon…

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8 thoughts on “A break in my break

  1. \i do hope everything gets better. It is such a shame you have to leave work when you were so happy about getting it. I pray all goes well have a fab time on your holiday

  2. I do so hope you feel better soon!!! There is a new MS medication that is soon to be released in the USA… Not sure what it is exactly but it is suppose to be just a wonder drug… I will try to find the name and send it to you!! But I will pray for you!! I do so hope you enjoy your vacation and it gives you the rest you need!!!

  3. So sorry to hear about all that is happening for you right now. I hope your planned vacation lifts your spirits and provides the physical and emotional nourishment to restore you to better health. Please know that you are always on my mind and in my heart.

  4. I will pray for you for healing and peace and some much needed relaxation. Vacations are so important and vital to our health and well being. Our prayers are with you!

  5. I don’t know where my message went, but it’s missing. These papers are adorable! thank you so much! I’m sorry you have to leave your job. I know you were enjoying it. I hope this does cause your MS flare-ups to stop. Enjoy your vacation! I hope it’s exactly what you need to heal and rejuvenate yourself to enjoy the Holiday Season. No one wants to be ill during Christmas. You will be in my prayers and if you can post a note to let us know how you are doing!

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