Butterfly Framed Papers

Coloured Butterfly Framed Papers

Well, I’m done with my treatment and is now only waiting for the side effects to linger off. It’s strange that side effects often are worse that the illness you get treated for… But I’m getting there and I’m back today to give you a freebie oozing of summer. I have made you a paper pack of summer coloured, butterfly framed papers to brighten up your layouts.

You get 12 papers – 6 with cream background/coloured frames and 6 with coloured backgrounds and cream frames. All are 12 x 12, 300 dpi, and may be used for Commercial Use.

Download links below image.

Folder - Butterfly Framed Papers

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Butterfly Framed Papers and more for Members

I have also uploaded 9 new products to the Members Area as mentioned in the latest Newsletter. Included is an “exclusive” version of today’s freebie – a pack of Butterfly Framed Papers where the frames are silver… They are now all ready for downloading in the following categories:


Preview ColourLoggedPapers 600 Preview 2014-1 w pp MA 600 Preview - TinTonesPapers 600 Preview - HealdicBevPP 600 Preview - FeatheredAutumnPP 600 Preview - Butterfly canvas-silver 600


Preview - Springtime Bundle 600


Preview - SlavicSoulPP&OL 600


Preview - Pansy Frame 600

They can all be seen in the Members Area Gallery.

NOTICE – If you feel tempted to become a member, please hold on for a while. I am planning to have a Members Fee Sale later this month and I don’t want to take full price for it and the lower the price a few days later. So just hang tight and I will return with the details. All the products will still be available for you.

I will be back again soon with another element freebie, so stay tuned…


Trine 3 - day6

5 thoughts on “Butterfly Framed Papers

  1. These are so beautiful, thank you, I do hope also that you are on the mend from your “attack” I suffer from poly-mialgia and I am unable to even get out of bed sometimes and I know how frustrating it can be when you want to be active. excuse the spelling please. Take care of yourself please.

  2. Hi I have just came from the members area as well, Thank you so very much for all the beautiful items. I love butterfly’s

  3. Thank you for your beautiful butterfly papers, as well as the many, many items you provided in the Members Area. I am glad to hear that the treatment phase is over, and hope that you will quickly feel better.

  4. these are gorgeous! thank you! glad your treatment is over and hope your side effects are over soon too. Finally got me a new (used) laptop, so hopefully since I have a larger hard-drive I can finally start downloading things from the members area and family papers. Since we lost Koa, hubby wanted to help cheer me up, and this helps a little.

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