Christmas 9 – Christmas 2016 Bundle & Hygge

It’s the day for the big Christmas 2016 Bundle. But before we get to the big download task I want to share a link with you.

The other day I mentioned the Danish concept “Hygge” and yesterday I found out it has become internationally acknowledged. When The New Yorker writes about it, it’s a trend, right? Read the article, shared by the American Ambassador to Denmark, and become familiar with – and maybe inspired by – Danish Hygge!

Click HERE.

Christmas 2016 Bundle

And now for the Freebies. I have made a Bundle specially for 2016 containing lots of papers, elements and 4 alphas.

Please notice that the individual packs have different TOUs so make sure to check the preview before you use them!

Everything is full size, 300 dpi, and all papers are 12×12 JPGs.


01: 8 gold & silver ornamental papers.

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

02: 4 gingham plaid papers.

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

03: 8 Sparkly Feather Papers.

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

04: 6 star papers.

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

05: 4 Snow papers (dotted).

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

06: 3 Pearls-on-string Papers.

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

07: 7 patterned papers.

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

08: 8 Ornament Papers.

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox


4 full alphas – one in each colour.

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox


Frame A Gold:  4 frames app. 7´½ x 10 inches.

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Frame A Silver: 4 frames app. 7½ x 10 inches.

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Frame B Gold: 4 frames 20 x 20 cm.

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Frame B Silver: 4 frames 20 x 20 cm.

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox


Tree Borders Big: 7 borders in different styles, 12 inches.

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Tree Borders Small: 7 borders in different styles, 12 inches.

DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

That’s All Folks!

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Signature

Good News!

After yet another long break from posting I’m back with good news.

First of all we got our stuff out of storage, so now we only have 500 moving boxes to unpack…. We have our clothes, our furniture and everything else we have been missing for almost a year

Secondly, I have been granted early retirement so I am now “free”. No more municipal demands, no more meetings with caseworkers. I am back to being in control of my own life 🙂

On Monday I celebrated my Birthday (gosh 49!) and my mother came all the way to our little island to join in – Love her!

And soon it will be Christmas 🙂 We have been told there is a chance for a white one this year.

How about that for all good news?

And I have even more of it: Because of my absence I have 3 new freebies for you today.

The first one has been waiting in the archives for a long time, but now it’s finally the right time to share. A Moving Box Alpha to celebrate the return of our belongings.

folderDOWNLOAD:  Mediafire     Dropbox

The second one is a lovely pack of 30 grungy papers in winter tones.

folderDOWNLOAD:  Mediafire     Dropbox

And Finally, a pack of 18 enamel corners in green tones.

folderDOWNLOAD:  Mediafire     Dropbox

For my Members: I am in the process of uploading new stuff to the Members Area, so stay patient, please.

I really hope that your lives are just a little bit as good as mine is at the moment. I will return real soon with a little Christmas Goodies.

Enjoy your December with everything it stands for.

Lots of Love

Trine 3 - day8

Pixel Scrapper – Christmas Shout-Out

It’s a Pixel Scrapper World

If it was decided that only one single scrap book site could be in line I would have no doubt about which it should be. No not my own – Pixel Scrapper! It is among the very best sites on line and deserves every piece of promotion it can get. The founder, Marisa Lerin, has made an almost unknown site into “The Place To Be”, today’s Pixel Scrapper. A wonderful world of freebies, brilliant designers, blog trains, challenges, forum and a lot more. In short: It’s got everything we need.

Visit Pixel Scrapper here

We may call ourselves a lot of things in this cyber world – digital scrappers, designers, bloggers, etc. – but deep down inside we are all Pixel Scrappers.

That is why I want to use my last post before Christmas to pay tribute to Pixel Scrapper, and I will do so by offering you a freebie made entirely from Pixel Scrapper material. I hope I have done them proud with this little Pixel Scrapper Goodie Bag.

You will get:

  • 1 Christmas paper
  • 3 Christmas Clusters
  • 3 Christmas Page Borders

Everything is full size, 300 dpi.

Download the goodie bag with one of the links below the image.

Folder - Pixel Scrapper Goodie Bag 600

Click image for larger view.







Christmas is NOW!

Here in Denmark we are very close to midnight and that means that in less than 1 hour IT’S CHRISTMAS here. All though we have been working our rear ends off for the past week, tomorrow will be a busy day. But come 3 pm everything will change and we will surrender to the Christmas Spirit and simply enJOY.

I hope your Christmas will be wonderful too, and that you will be back here again when it’s all over.

A Happy, Happy Christmas to you all.

Signature - brown for Pixel Scrapper GB


Christmas Borders – full page size

I just LOVE these Christmas Borders…

I have recently purchased the most beautiful pack of Christmas Borders – “Border Buddies Set 6” by Snickerdoodle Designs. I just couldn’t wait to use them for a freebie. Here is my interpretation of Christmas Borders 2013.

There are 3 in the pack  but when I call them Christmas Borders I’m not 100 % truthful it’s actually 2 Christmas borders and 1 New Year’s border. And the same goes for calling them borders. Maybe they should have been called Panels as they are all full page size (12 inches tall, 300 dpi), wide, one side only and taking up quite a bit of space on the page. But I see no problem in making them smaller if you need to use them for something else. The styles are Plain Cardboard, Grunge and Glitter. I really hop you’ll love them too.

Download links below image.

Folder - Christmas Borders 600

Click image for larger view.








I just want to thank all of you who signed up for the NbF Newsletter. I plan to send out the first issue next week, so if you haven’t signed up yet you can still get in from the start. Use the sign in box in the top right menu.

Members Area

I just want to mention that within the next hour or two new products will be uploaded to the Members Area. 4 Alphas, Frames and a ton of Christmas Trees… Check the Members Area Gallery for new addition. And of course – join the club if you think it looks interesting.

Happy Christmas Scrapping ’till we meet again…

Signature - brown - Christmas borders

Halloween 20 – Page Borders – CU Freebie

Page borders …. hmm, I’m not sure if that is the right name for today’s freebie. They could also be called overlays. But then again they are borders for a full page so let’s stick with page borders. They are of course in Halloween spirit and you get 6 of them. 12×12 inches, 300 dpi PNGs. Most of them should be easy for you to recolour or change in other ways if you want or need to, so please do. I have also included an example paper for each page border just to show what they look like in use.

There is, however, one disadvantage… They are PNG and that equals BIG. Therefore I have made a download link for each of the page borders. But if you have the connection for a big file you can also choose to download them all in one go. I have also been forced to upload to just one storage today, so all links are for MediaFire. Should you run into problems please let me know and I will make arrangements so everybody is satisfied.

You’ll find the download links below each image.

Preview - Page Border 1-6 600All-in-One (35 MB)

Preview - PB1-Black Branches 600Page Border 1 (4 MB)

Preview - PB2-BloodyMess 600Page Border 2 (7 MB)

Preview - PB3-EmbossedBranches 600Page Border 3 (8 MB)

Preview - PB4-Greyfriars 600Page Border 4 (5 MB)

Preview - PB5-SpiderWeb 600Page Border 5 (12 MB)

Preview - PB6-Storm Gathering 600Page Border 6 (6 MB)

If you want to avoid all the clicking back and forth you can go directly to the folder to download the link is:

I hope you will enjoy some or all of the above page borders and come back for more Halloween fun tomorrow.

Halloween Signature

Snow & Ice

For today’s Advent Calendar I bring you a White Christmas in a zip file.

The freebie contains lots of snow and ice in different shapes and forms: Snowflakes, Ice crystals, snowy landscapes, icicles, a snowman and – of course – SNOW. 19 elements and a snowy overlay. Enjoy!

Click image for direct download (4shared) or use alternative links below image.

I have to work tomorrow :0( so I may bring you the next Advent Calendar door a little later than usual. See you then.


Out of Rehab

Hi All,

I’m now out of rehab and do not think of Halloween (much) anymore. That is why I want to bring you something totally different from the last 6 week’s freebies. I have made you something simple.

A pack of 5 word border templates that you can finish off with your own colours, styles or other fancy stuff to your liking. I have also included an example of each border. Please notice that the examples are PU Only, but the templates you can do with whatever you please (CU4CU). I hope you can make something spectacular from these – and maybe let me see it?

Click image for direct download (4shared) or use alternative links below image.

Before you leave, I need your feedback on something. I have noticed that NO ONE has been downloading from lately, and I would like to know it that is caused by some technical error or simply because you don’t like Box. It’s OK if you prefer other hosts, but if that is the case I don’t want to waste my time uploading every time. So could you please drop me a comment so I know? Thanks.

Have a nice Sunday – see you again soon.

Accidental Valentine 12-13

Time for some borders – or dividers. You can call them what you like and use them however you please. You get 20 borders in all – 6 buttons, 6 round pearls, 6 heart pearls and 2 flower branches.
Frames. 18 in all – 6 ornate pewter, 6 scalloped and 6 bow frames.
Click each image for direct download (4shared).
Have fun! And please come back tomorrow for some alphas.

You are not gonna believe this…

A few days ago I started making a little Halloween element pack for you but as usual I got sucked into one of the details – a border brush by Diana –  and suddenly found myself unable to stop! So instead of a small element pack I ended up with a pack of Pumpkin Borders – and not just any pack…
… 110 pumpkin borders!
I guarantee you will never ever be short of a pumpkin border again for the rest of your natural living life. I have even included a border of “fire” that you can place behind the borders to light the lantern.
As you can imagine a pack like this takes up a lot of MBs so I have separated it into 6 parts. Be sure to get them all.
But of you have the band width and the patience for it you can take it all in one download but be warned: It’s close to 200 MB!!!!!
Links for direct downloads (4shared) are under the preview.

Pack 1 link should be fixed now!
I hope this huge freebie will not kill you and that you will find a lot of use for it come Halloween and Thanksgiving.
The small element pack it should have been will be made and I’ll post it in a day or two :o)

New Product = Freebie #4 and final

What’s the matter with you…? You have no problem grabbing freebies when it takes only one click to download. But here I go trying to make something special for you – a personal freebie – and what happens? One mail in my inbox, ONE! But all right I’ll try not to make an extra effort for you again and see this as your loss, my gain. And Claudia’s gain. Because now I have lots of time to make something really special for her and Tristan. I knew I could count on the Dutch. Not the Pennsylvania Dutch (although they are probably quite reliable too) but the kind and open-minded people of the small country in Europe called Holland or The Netherlands. And you know what? Today’s freebie – the final of my new product samplers – will not be any easier for you. It requires a visit to my store @ Scrap It Sassy, and you only have April to get it. The original full pack product is this one available for only $2.49 and it’s CU4CU: Click image to get directly to it in the store. The Add-On, also CU4CU, contains four extra borders free the full month of April and then available for only $1.25. Click image to get to it. I’ll be back next week, but until then have a really nice, spring filled weekend.