Autumn – Time for Cosy

As autumn is knocking, it’s time for Cosy….

After a late 5-day heatwave I still enjoy summer-ish days here on the island. I have FINALLY finished with the weed removal and is ready to sow the lawn. It should still be possible to make it grow before it gets too cold. If I succeed you will get a picture 🙂

But you can, however, never be too prepared for autumn. That is why, today, I present you with nothing less than 5 free paper packs with distressed plaid. To me plaid spells autumn/winter and is all time cosy.

Distresed Plaid 1 - CosyDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Distresed Plaid 2 - CosyDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Distressed Plaid 3 - CosyDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Distressed Plaid 4 - CosyDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Distressed Plaid 5 - CosyDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Aren’t they amazing? Heat up the chocolate and ring out the mini-marshmellows. It’s time to cosy up 🙂

If anyone is wondering…. We still don’t have our furniture, we still have lack of finances and we still “live in the basement”. I hope our luck will soon change so we can have a normal life – a cosy life.

See you soon.

Lots of Love

Trine 3 - day3


Is it Autumn I see and feel outside? Is Summer over already?

I am afraid the answer is Yes! I am starting to feel drawn to knitted sweaters and long trousers, and I am no longer eating salad and ice cream all the time. Autumn is, however, my favourite season, so I’m not like SAD sad, just a bit nostalgic. Autumn don’t have long warm nights, sun tan and 24 hour light.

BUT – Autumn has indoor activities, hot cocoa and lighted candles, and I like that a lot.

That is why I am marking this change in seasons with an appropriate freebie for you: A Tea Pot Pattern Pack.

The pack contains

  • 5 Patters – 1 PAT and 5 Seamless Squares
  • 5 transparent Overlays (PNG)
  • 12 Papers made from the patterns

Everything is full size, 300 dpi, and you can use it for CU4CU.

Tea Pot Pattern Pack PrevDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

It’s getting late now – and dark outside – so I think I’ll cuttle up with coffee and one of my autumn favourites – Pancakes (crepes). And maybe it’s time to plan for all my Christmas Freebies…. No, not yet. I need to be sure that summer is over before I take that step.

Enjoy your Sunday – no matter what season you have. I’ll be back soon.

Lots of Love

Autumn colored signature

Gardening – Skills or Luck?

As mentioned before, I am now into gardening – or am I?

It seems almost impossible to keep up with the weeds. Remove them, and 2 days later new ones appear. And now that we have finally had some rain here on the island it’s even worse….

We have not yet been able to sow our lawn due to constant weed, and a garden just isn’t a garden with a dirt patch instead of a lawn! We have considered roll lawn, but even that needs clean soil for success. But gardening is more than flowers and lawn. I have happily been eating tomatoes, potatoes, blueberries and rhubarbs from my own garden and that is a fantastic experience 🙂 .

Weeds vs. produce is a constant fight – does the small amount of fruits and veggies make up for a garden looking like sh..? I don’t think so… The only solution is down on your knees and weeding, weeding, weeding. Gardening Sucks sometimes…

But sometimes you get lucky!

… or lazy. Below is a picture from my garden of a plant that I a few months ago took for weed and planned to remove. But my laziness took over and it was untouched for a few weeks. Hurray for lazy gardening – it turned out to be a beautiful Clematis…..

Gardening - Clematis

Click image to see it in “full bloom”.

Today – to celebrate my gardening skills 🙂 – I am offering you a Paper Pack Bundle Freebie with floral vines in multiple colours.

It contains 7 paper packs – 38 papers total – all 12×12, 300 dpi, and can be used for CU4U.

Floral Vine PP BundleDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Good luck on you digital gardening – see you soon.

Lots of Love,

Grren Signature

Triple Tuesday

I have been neglecting you for days now – I’m sorry. And because of that I have made this day into Triple Tuesday. That means you get 3 freebies in one post.

First up is a big pack of Chevron Arrows. I have taken colour palettes from Design Seeds and made 20 arrows and then used Atomic Cupcake Actions to make them in 4 different textures. That gives you a pack of 80 arrows in all to brighten up any layout. Because of the size of this pack into two downloads.

Preview ChevronArrowPack 600DOWNLOAD  PACK 1  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

DOWNLOAD  PACK 2  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Next I have some Damask Papers for you. It’s a pack named Distressed Pear, not because the pear is in any way in distressed (no fruit was harmed in the making) but more a reference to the colours and textures of the papers 🙂

The pack contains 6 papers for CU4CU.

FolderDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Last, but no means least, an Alpha. I have made this special summer Water Melon Alpha with Sonarpos’ Water Melon Style. It contains A-Z + Numbers.

Melon Alpha Preview 600DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

As they say on the silver screen: That’s All Folks! See you soon.

Lots of Love

Summer Papers Signature

For Doreen – Luxury Paper Overlays (CU4CU)

After posting the huge Luxury Paper Bundle in the Members Area the other day, I got a kind request from Doreen who wanted me to make overlays from the papers so she could make more papers herself (1.149 obviously wasn’t enough 🙂 ).

And as the kind person I am, I hurried to the computer and made the overlays for her – and all others.

That resulted in a pack of 6 overlays made in both black and grey scale. They are all transparent PNG in 12×12, 300 dpi, and you can use them for CU4CU.

Preview - LuxuryPP OLs 600DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

I hope Doreen is satisfied with the result and that you all can get use from it.

See you soon – Lots of Love…

Trine 3 hw

Members News + Freebie

After a long wait new material has finally been added to the Members Area.

First the Alpha sections have 5 new products added – here they are:

Preview AntiqueDiamondsAlpha_CU 600Preview NewsAlpha1_CU 600FolderBut that’s not all – by far….

In the Paper section a HUUUUUGE bundle has been added. It’s called Luxury Papers and is way too big for me to show it here. It contains no less than 102 paper packs adding up to 1.149 papers… All are 12×12, 300 dpi, JPGs and CU4CU!

I have made a kind of preview for you to get an idea of what is waiting for you – click on it to see big version:

To explain the idea:

Preview All copy

Each category (A-F) uses one template (shown in black and white) and that template is made into papers in each of the palettes in the category. Each colour in the palettes is made the 4 styles – Ceramic, Gold Enamel, Silver Enamel and Solid.

On top of that each template is also made into 6 Metal Papers.


Luxury Papers A Metal Preview 600Hope you understand my line of thoughts…

If not, get over to the Members Area and see for yourself.

Not a Member yet? See how to become Member HERE.


Before I go I do – of course – have a freebie for Members and Non-Members alike. Its a Paper Pack of the same kind as the Luxury Papers.

FolderDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

That’s all folks – see you again soon!

Lots of Love

Trine 3 lime1


Weekend Fever & Damask

Let’s celebrate this weekend with a little damask.

I’m down with a slight fever and don’t have much energy for today’s post. But I will bring it to you and just forget about a lot of text, SEO and other practical stuff. Just the freebie.

Damask Papers 3-pack

A 3-pack of nice damask papers – 6 papers each. 12×12, 300 dpi, ‘jpgs. CU4CU.

Damask 3-pack previewDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Enjoy what is left of the weekend 🙂

Lots of Love

Trine 3 - day7

Big Dots Papers

Today you are getting Big Dots!

Big Dot Papers in 4 variants – scratched, stamped, messy and a bonus. The colour palettes are as usual from Design-Seeds.

BD 02 Papers Messy . Setting (CU4CU)

30 papers in lovely douche blues and greys. 12×12, 300 dpi, JPGs.

Folder SettingDOWNLOAD “BD 02”  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

BD 02 Papers Stamped – Creature

30 papers coloured by a “little birdie”. 12×12, 300 dpi, JPGs.

Folder CreatureDOWNLOAD “BD 02”  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

BD 02 Papers Scratched – Sequins

Another 30 papers with scratched dots. 12×12, 300 dpi, JPGs.

Folder ScratchedDOWNLOAD “BD 02”  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

BD 02 Papers Scratched – Bonus

A 6 paper bonus of scratched one-colour dots. 12×12, 300 dpi, JPGs.

Folder BonusDOWNLOAD “BD 02”  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Happy downloading – I will be back tomorrow with more freebies. And no, it will NOT be more papers.

Lots of Love

Trine 4 hw


Sunday Freebie 1 – Tree Papers

It is SO strange to be back. I can hardly remember how anything is done and everything takes forever…. But at the same time it feels GREAT! I feel I’m back where I belong. So be ready for A LOT of freebies over the next weeks – I’m having a blast. And I think the techniques will quickly come back to me.

The first freebie today brings you two big bundles of Tree Papers. I must admit that I like them a lot. I find them both beautiful and relaxing and the colours are among my favourites.

The first pack is in brown colours and contains 30 papers. They are all 12×12, 300 dpi, JPGs. And you can use them for CU4CU.

FolderDOWNLOAD “Tree Papers 01”  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Pack 2 is in what Design-Seeds call Rustic colours (blue/grey). Also 30 paper in usual size and format and CU4CU.

FolderDOWNLOAD “Tree Papers 02”  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Hope you enjoy these. I’ll be back later today with a new Family.

Lots of Love

Trine 3 - day3

Family News and more…

This is not about my family… Its about A family. I have FINALLY finished some of my planned work and one of the projects was a brand new blog family – The Discover Family!

It is now uploaded and ready to be adopted by you:

DF Index 600175 papers in all made in the LOVELY colours from the Discover Palette by Marisa Lerin over at Pixel Scrapper.

Click the image above to get to the download page.

Very Late Blog Train entry

Speaking of Pixel Scrapper… It was my intention to enter a pack to the May Pixel Scrapper Blog Train, but like everything else in my life at the moment it was procrastinated so I didn’t get it ready in time. But as it was also a request made by Holly Wolf I want you to have it now.

Preview - PS_BT05-15_MulberryPP 600Download:  MediaFire     –     Dropbox

The papers in the above pack are JPGs but I have also made each paper in transparent PNGs. They are, however, very large files (app. 25 MB each) so I didn’t add them to the download. Should you want them I have uploaded them for you to get. Below are the links to the folders where you can download them one at a time.

Folder on MediaFire:

Folder on Dropbox:

Please go check out the total list of entries to the Blog Train HERE – It’s Fab!

A personal Update

I want to say Thank You for all the kind comments you have left for me these past weeks. It really boosts my spirit to know that so many of you are thinking of me, caring about me and praying for me and my health. You have no idea how happy it makes me feel. So THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I return lots of cyber-hugs and -kisses right back at you 🙂

I have now now been taking my new medication for 4 weeks and let me tell you – it’s been close to hell. I had every single side effect on the list and have been in a very bad state both mentally and physically. But it finally seems to turn for the better now and I have agreed with the doctor to carry on for 2 more months to see if it levels itself out and start being a good thing. And in 2 weeks I will be taking my long awaited holiday escape to my favourite place in the world to relax and enjoy the sea and fresh air for a full week 🙂

I will be back very soon with news for all you Members and a blog freebie, so keep an eye out.

Lots of Love and Gratitude…

Trine 3 - day7