Christmas 1 – Foil Decorations

Now it’s time for Christmas Freebies starting with a triple set of Foil Decorations.

These freebies are not for Christmas only – you can use them all year round, and you can work  with them to make tons of decorative things.

Embossed Foil Deco/Dividers

A set of 12 dividers – 4 different shapes, 3 styles (Gold, Silver & Copper).

Foil Dividers PreviewDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

I couldn’t just stop there…. I used the dividers to make you examples of how to use them:


I used a few of the dividers to make frames. You are welcome to make frames of the rest of them 🙂

Divider frames previewDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox


And finally I made a few tags bordered with the dividers.

Divider Tags PreviewDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

I have LOTS MORE Christmas coming your way – so stay tuned!

Lots of Christmas Love

Christmas signature

Good News!

After yet another long break from posting I’m back with good news.

First of all we got our stuff out of storage, so now we only have 500 moving boxes to unpack…. We have our clothes, our furniture and everything else we have been missing for almost a year

Secondly, I have been granted early retirement so I am now “free”. No more municipal demands, no more meetings with caseworkers. I am back to being in control of my own life 🙂

On Monday I celebrated my Birthday (gosh 49!) and my mother came all the way to our little island to join in – Love her!

And soon it will be Christmas 🙂 We have been told there is a chance for a white one this year.

How about that for all good news?

And I have even more of it: Because of my absence I have 3 new freebies for you today.

The first one has been waiting in the archives for a long time, but now it’s finally the right time to share. A Moving Box Alpha to celebrate the return of our belongings.

folderDOWNLOAD:  Mediafire     Dropbox

The second one is a lovely pack of 30 grungy papers in winter tones.

folderDOWNLOAD:  Mediafire     Dropbox

And Finally, a pack of 18 enamel corners in green tones.

folderDOWNLOAD:  Mediafire     Dropbox

For my Members: I am in the process of uploading new stuff to the Members Area, so stay patient, please.

I really hope that your lives are just a little bit as good as mine is at the moment. I will return real soon with a little Christmas Goodies.

Enjoy your December with everything it stands for.

Lots of Love

Trine 3 - day8

Rainy Day

We are having a rainy day… A VERY rainy day!

My newly sowed lawn in raining away and what the water is not taking the birds are 🙁 But never mind. It’s a rainy day and that is a great opportunity to stay inside and do nothing but drinking coffee and watching bad TV – it is, however, Sunday 🙂

I have taken a break from the bad TV to post a little something for you should you ever have a rainy Sunday.

First is a little reminder of how great the outdoors can look on a sunny day. I have made a pack of colourful flowers to pretty up any layout.

Rainy Day flowers previewDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

But now for the important part….

What to do with the kiddies on a rainy day. They need something to do all day and what could be better than LEGO? Even the adults find LEGO interesting. So I have made you a LEGO Alpha to play around with. I have even included a background.

Rainy Day LEGO previewDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

I hope this will keep you entertained. Me? I’ll go out in my garden an play scarecrow chasing the birds away from my (hopefully) soon-to-be lawn.

Have a great Sunday.

Lots of Love

Rainy Day Signature

Triple Tuesday

I have been neglecting you for days now – I’m sorry. And because of that I have made this day into Triple Tuesday. That means you get 3 freebies in one post.

First up is a big pack of Chevron Arrows. I have taken colour palettes from Design Seeds and made 20 arrows and then used Atomic Cupcake Actions to make them in 4 different textures. That gives you a pack of 80 arrows in all to brighten up any layout. Because of the size of this pack into two downloads.

Preview ChevronArrowPack 600DOWNLOAD  PACK 1  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

DOWNLOAD  PACK 2  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Next I have some Damask Papers for you. It’s a pack named Distressed Pear, not because the pear is in any way in distressed (no fruit was harmed in the making) but more a reference to the colours and textures of the papers 🙂

The pack contains 6 papers for CU4CU.

FolderDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Last, but no means least, an Alpha. I have made this special summer Water Melon Alpha with Sonarpos’ Water Melon Style. It contains A-Z + Numbers.

Melon Alpha Preview 600DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

As they say on the silver screen: That’s All Folks! See you soon.

Lots of Love

Summer Papers Signature

Therapy – News from the Medicine Cabinet

Therapy has been needed….

The last week or so I have had an urgent need for Creative Therapy. I won’t go into details, just say that things are not going good with the move. So as always when I find myself in a crisis, I turn to PS Action Designing as my therapy. Easy and simple and taking my mind off the bad stuff. When the world is crumpling – turn to creating.

The good thing about the bad thing is that YOU get to harvest the produce…

I have made a BIG bundle for the Medicine Cabinet/Uppers in the most “Upping” colours. It’s called “A Year in Colour” and provide you with loads of basic elements and papers to use for adding to your own designs. The colour palette is not my own – it’s stolen… You can read more about that on the download page.

Click on the Palette to get to the download page:

PaletteThis Bundle should keep you occupied for a few days – see you next week 🙂

Lots of Love

Summer Papers Signature




P.S. – There is no need for you to worry about me – I’ll bounce back 🙂

Button Mix (CU)

Not much is more irritating than to lose a button and not having a spare…

That should no longer be a problem for you as I have made you a big button mix. So all you need now is a 3D Colour Printer and you can just print a new one whenever you lose one 🙂

The mix contains 55 patterned buttons mad mainly from my own old papers, so if you have them you can match them with the buttons. They are all round and you are welcome to use them for CU.

Button Mix 2016 – Now with working links, sorry!

Preview Button Mix 2016DOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

A Personal Update

Today is a very special day. IT RAINS 🙂

Usually, I like it when the sun is shining from a blue sky. But living on the Sunshine Island and having been through a week long heat wave AND having a garden, rain is most welcome. I almost felt the need to go dancing in the rain to celebrate – almost! It’s sad to see all the flowers and veggies I have planted over the last months start looking a bit sad and the usually nice, moist garden earth turn into dust. I love my garden (I even talk to the plants) and that is why today I say “WELCOME RAIN”.

P.S. It doesn’t have to stay long – it’s OK if the sun is out again tomorrow….

Lots of rainy Love to you all.

Pool Party Signature

Messy Easter – Day 3

Cute elements – Messy Easter Style

Messy or not – we have to have the cuties. Today’s part of Messy Easter is the element. Cute bunnies and chicks, and eggs of course. You get them in 8 different messy styles and in the 6 colours of the Bundle palette. That makes 48 of each cutie = 144 elements.

The 8 styles used are:

  • Alcohol Ink
  • Chipped Paint Metal
  • Cracked Chipboard
  • Crumpled Paper
  • Lightly Crumpled Paper
  • Mulberry
  • Tissue
  • Watercolour Stamp

The Tissue Eggs are the ones I used for yesterday’s patterns.

All the elements are full size, 300 dpi, and may be used for CU, PU and S4O/S4H.

Messy Bunnies

Messy Easter Bunnies FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Messy Chicks

Messy Easter Chicks FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Messy Eggs

Messy Easter Eggs FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox


As mentioned earlier I am not posting the 4th and final part tomorrow. So while I’m enjoying lunch at my Mother’s you can take the day off as well and use it with your own family enjoying Easter activities (lots of chocolate!).

I will be back on Monday with a lot of Messy Easter Papers. See you then?

Trine 3 - day7

Flower Stickers

Just to keep you waiting – Flower Stickers

While I am working hard on all my spring and Easter products I give you a small “While You Wait” Freebie consisting of 9 beautiful flower stickers.

The flower stickers come in 3 colours and 3 designs. They are full size (8×8 cm) and may be used for CU.

Play around with them – layer them in a bouquet, play with drop shadows and blending modes and you can really create something fantastic.

Preview - Flower Stickers 600DOWNLOAD:   MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Flower Stickers are OK – but what are we waiting for….?

Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed!

Tomorrow you will find a collection of Peony Overlays in different colour tones and textures.

My plans for Easter includes a big bundle with the name “Messy Easter”.

And on top of that a new family is about to move in – “Flora Family” – lovely family!

I have not forgotten my faithful members. 2 new Kits/Bundles are about to be born.

There will probably be more coming – you know me, I am unstoppable!

Until tomorrow – add flowers to your life 🙂

Trine 3 - day7

Welcome to Green Week

…and Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

With St. Paddy’s Day and coming og spring in one and the same week I want to make this Green Week.

I’ll start with a nice little “Irish Collection” with material to be used for today’s layouts but also for so much more non-Paddy-related.

The Irish Collection – St. Paddy’s Day Kit

Preview - Irish Collection 600This Kit contains:

  • Part 1  – 11 mixed papers & 10 enamel gold elements
  • Part 2 – 12 Shamrocks corner papers, 6 green/6 white
  • Part 3 – 8 Shamrock patterns + papers and overlays
  • Part 4 – 1 alpha with enamel monogram caps + green and gold lower letters and numbers

All material is full size, 300 dpi, and you may use it for Commercial Use according to my TOU.

Part 1

Preview - Irish Collection Part 1 600DOWNLOAD “Irish Collection Part 1”  –  MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Part 2

Preview - Irish Collection Part 2 600DOWNLOAD “Irish Collection Part 2”  –  MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Part 3

Preview - Irish Collection Part 3 600DOWNLOAD “Irish Collection Part 3”  –  MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Part 4

Preview - Irish Collection Part 4 600DOWNLOAD “Irish Collection Part 4”  –  MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Over the next days more green will come your way so drop by in a couple of days and you will have all the green papers you’ll need for spring.

Have a great St. Paddy’s Day and make everything a little greener – except from envy 🙂

Trine 3 lime 2