Families – for Non-Subscribers

For those of you who are not (yet) subscribing to the NbF Newsletter, I hereby bring you the amazing news about the NbF Families

New Families

As mentioned the other day I have been working hard on a new NbF concept. I am finally done and can tell you about it.

Introducing NbF Families!

“Families” is the new concept that will be introduced to both the Blog and the Members Area. As you may have noticed I have a weakness for making pattern kits – especially the ornament/damask kind. I, therefore, decided to create a special home for them to make it easier for you to find and download them. But maybe time will bring other kinds of families to the new pages – who knows?

That is why “Families” now have their own pages on the Blog and the Members Area. For now 1 family have been posted on the Blog and 2 families are on the Members Area. Go check out your new relatives and look out for new additions to the family.

You can find the page in the top menu – “Family” but you can also use this link:


Members can find the link to the Families on the front page of the Members Area.

Here are the previews for the family currently on the Blog – Yes, it’s all free and CU:

Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers - 04 D 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers - 04 C 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers - 04 B 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers - 04 A 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers - 03 D 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers - 03 C 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers - 03 B 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers - 03 A 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers - 02 D 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers - 02 C 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers - 02 B 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers - 02 A 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers - 01 D 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers 01 C 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers 01 B 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110 Papers - 01 A 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110_04 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110_03 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110_02 600 Preview - NbF_Flower 110_01 600

I hope you will enjoy it all.

A little something extra

To celebrate that spring is SO close now, I have included an extra freebie for you today. A Cluster Frame & QuickPage called “Write Me Soon”.

Download links below image.

Write Me Soon Folder for Families Post

Click image for larger view







I hope you can find use for it 🙂

Family Love

Teal signature for Families

Ending Christmas with a Cluster of Clusters

A Cluster of Clusters

I actually think that today’s cluster pack is defining the end of Christmas here on NbF. New Holidays are coming and new things are happening. So let’s say goodbye with a bang. I have always been a HUGE fan of Cajoline Scrap and this Christmas she had a ton of CU Christmas Kits on offer. I have therefore picked and chosen from those kits and made 4 cluster products for you all.

The result is this: 4 different themes (4 packs) all with a hint of Christmas. 3 of them contains a cluster frame and a Quick-page and the fourth is a page border cluster with and without background. All are full size, 300 dpi.

As you probably know, QPs and PNGs are heavy files so the 4 packs must be downloaded individually (and they are still just under 30MB – sorry). But I hope you have the patience for it.

Download links below each image.

Cluster 1 – “Winter Blossom”

Folder - Cluster Winter Blossom 600

Click image for larger view.






Cluster 2 – “Frosty Delivery”

Folder - Cluster Frosty Delivery 600

Click image for larger view.






Cluster 3 – “Cinnamon”

Folder - Cluster Cinnamon 600

Click image for larger view.






Cluster 4 – “Santa’s Pets”

Folder - Cluster Sanas Pets 600

Click image for larger view.






I apologize for the missing Dropbox links but Dropbox is down at the moment!

Important Message about Members Area Fee

I have had several comments and emails about the fee for Members Area access. Some of you find it hard to take out 25$ of your budget and I have no problem understanding that. That is why I – one again – put my trust in your honesty and offer a payment plan where you can pay a small amount each month and get access when half the amount is paid (12.50$). If you are interested please contact me with an email on contact@nothingbutfreebies.com.

Shout Out and QP

Today I would like to make a Shout Out for a fantastic designer: Marisa Lerin @ Pixel Scrapper.
She makes the most wonderful designs – papers, elements, templates etc. – and she gives it all away for free. And we like that, don’t we?
Her latest kit is called Berlin and is super great in many ways. First of all it’s filled with the most wonderful designs, it contains no less than 5 alphas (oh, I do like alphas!!) but also it’s all in grey and tan which means it can be easily re-coloured if needed. Take a look:
Image linked to Pixel Scrapper.
But don’t miss out on all her other kits and freebies. If you can afford it, please either buy something from her store or donate a small amount to keep the wheels running. You may not all be aware of it, but it costs quite a bit to run a freebie site and it would REALLY be a shame if the site have to close one day due to insufficient funding!(I can quietly add that the same goes for this site…)
For today’s freebie I have made a QP for you entirely out of Berlin stuff, but I have added a little splash of colour to match the picture – I really hope you like it.
Since 4shared are taking their time fixing their problems, I have uploaded today’s freebie to two other sites. The image is linked to Box.com but if you prefer MediaFire you can click HERE.
I will work on new freebies for you and return as soon as possible.

Fall is upon us…

… and I find it worth celebrating!

Fall is my favorite season. The weather, the colors and the feeling please me – it may be because I’m born in November?

But to kick off the season – and my return as a blogger/designer – I have made you this awesome Fall QP. I hope you have the perfect picture for it.

Click image for direct download (4shared).

See you soon!

Award Tribute – Funky, Wishing On A Starr

For all of you who are used to “A Little Bit Friday” today will be quite the opposite! It’s time for the Award Tribute to Funky/Wishing On A Starr.
I want to start with a big I’M SORRY!!!! On the previews and the filenames I have made the big mistake of calling it Wishing UPON a Starr… It should of course be Wishing ON a Starr. But correcting everything would have caused a day’s delay and I wanted to get this out today. So I hope you can forgive me Funky!?!?!

If you are not familiar with Funky and her blog I can tell you that she is spoiling us rotten with great freebies and most of them have no TOU attached! I always get in a good mood when visiting her blog because she is a positive, energetic and extremely creative lady. And if you read about the cause for her blog and all the other obstacles in her way that spirit is AMAZING!

I have made you some different freebies from her material and in her spirit I have made their TOUs as free as possible. I have also included a Bonus that I think of as “Because I know you LOVE it”-Bonus. I hope you’ll like it all and after downloading hurry over to Funky to get “The Real Deal”.

Click each image for direct download.

Freebie #1 is a bunch of labels with foliage border.

Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115630501/be2562b/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_-_Funky_WUAS_1.zip.html

Next you get a paper pack with 5 papers and a page frame.

Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115630315/9a0ba37/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_-_Funky_WUAS_2.zip.html

Then it’s time for a QP. I have also included the cluster frame separately.

Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115630079/eb228e1/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_-_Funky_WUAS_3.zip.html

And finally – You all time favourite Chocolates! 3 corner clusters and a special Easter page border.

Alterntive download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115629756/0fbbf0f/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_-_Funky_WUAS_Bonus.zip.html

Enjoy and have a great Easter Weekend. I’ll be back with the final Award Tribute for Atomic Cupcake as soon as possible (I hope tomorrow, but no promises).

Award Tribute – Jerry Jones

Today’s tribute goes to Jerry Jones from Shadowhouse Creations – The King of textures! I have used his work so much it’s almost embarrassing and it’s about time I give him the credit he – and his immense talent – deserves.

I have made 3 freebies for you from Jerry’s designs – I really hope you (and Jerry) like them…

Click each image to download.

Number 1 is a set of 6 papers all made with the same texture and the same colour but all with different blending modes.
Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115629573/c8e0bb1/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_-_Jerry_Jones_1.zip.html

Number 2 contains two papers in different styles.Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115629428/8fb3035/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_-_Jerry_Jones_2.zip.html

Finally number 3 witch is a Quick Page in a nostalgic mood.

Should you want it in 200 dpi, you can download it HERE (4shared) or HERE (Hotfile)

The next Award Tribute will be to Funky from Wishing upon a Starr. I don’t think I’ll mange to get it finished for tomorrow, but Friday at the latest – I promise.

See you very soon, and until then enjoy everything Easter.

Award Tribute – Cajoline

One thing is giving away awards; another is sharing their work with you. I have decided to dedicate the rest of this week to making freebies for you from the work of the talented people who received yesterday’s awards.

First up is Cajoline (Cajoline-Scrap). I have made you a beautiful QP simply called “Mom” and a paper with flying butterflies. The kits used for these are:
“A Gift for you Mom” (PU)

“Happy Mothers Day” (PU)

“Butterflies” (CU4CU)

I have uploaded the two freebies in different sizes so you can use the one most suitable for your archive size and/or bandwidth.

Click this image to download both products in one go (15 MB)

Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115628813/c1cd318/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_Cajoline_-_Both.zip.html

Click this image to download the QP in 300 dpi (14 MB)

Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115628326/6aec7b7/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_Cajoline_-_QP_300.zip.html

Click this image to download the QP in 200 dpi (8 MB)

Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115628511/d1eef2a/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_Cajoline_-_QP_200.zip.html

Click this image to download the paper (2,2 MB) Alternative download link (Hotfile): http://hotfile.com/dl/115628591/eff6c95/NbF_-_Award_Tribute_Cajoline_-_Paper.zip.html

I really hope you’ll like them.
I’ll be back tomorrow with another Tribute – see you them?

A Little Bit Friday 30

Yet another week is almost over but not until we have spend a lovely weekend doing nothing – except the things we want to do… And what could be better than scrapping?

To stay in the Valentine’s mood today’s little bit is a Dear Diary Frame to show of the love of your life. I have included two frames – one with text and one without so you can add your own text (font info is included in the zip).

Click image for direct download.

I will be back during the weekend with more Valentine stuff as I have a lot to give away before Valentine’s Day is over.

I just noticed: Today is one of those days where the date is the same forwards and backwards – at least when you write it as we do here in Denmark… 11.02.2011!
See you soon!

Love Letters

Here I am again – apologizing!

I promised you a weekend freebie but did not keep my promise – I’m Sorry…

But Sunday I had the family over for pancakes (or crêpes to be correct) and bingo, and that, as you can imagine, took priority ;o) And today has been busy as well. But here I am and so is your freebie. I have made you a very lovely Valentine QP but also added some png love letters for you to use in your own Valentine LOs. For those interested I can reveal that the poem used is written by a very famous Danish poet and author – myself (again I apologize ;o))

Hope you can find a loved one to use this for.

Click image for direct download.

I am not making anymore promises so I’ll simply say: “See you soon”.

This Christmas

Today I’m bringing you a QuickPage for your Christmas Memories. I have also included the cluster so you can choose your own background.

Click image to download.

As the next couple of days are dedicated to all the preparations for Christmas this may be the last post before Christmas. I can not promise you any postings for the next 4 days, but I CAN promise you that if any free time shows itself I will use it on you…

And please… remember my Christmas Card Competition! You have until 29th December to enter!

If we don’t meet before Christmas: I wish all of you and yours