Valentine’s Day delayed due to Spring Arrival

It was my intention to come back from my New Year Vacation for Valentine’s Day, but hen Spring arrived. I have added a few pictures to prove it:

Svaneke Harbour

From a walk in my town

Snow drops in my garden

Erantis in my garden

I hope you can understand that a weather like that is not for inside computer work. I went out to drink the sunshine up and load up on vitamin D and it did me good.

But nothing lasts forever and right now the snow is coming down like in a Disney movie and I’m drinking tea and eating the rest of the Christmas cookies 🙂 AND I’m back behind my computer screen to catch up….

…So better late than never – let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I have made you two freebies of Valentine’s Hearts – one with enamel hearts and one with Patterns, overlays and papers. Although I’m not a bog fan of pink, I decided that you can’t have Valentine’s Day without it – so you get pink.

Valentine’s Hearts – Enamel Hearts

24 gold enamel hearts.

Download  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Valentine’s Hearts –  Patterns, overlays and papers

  • 6 patterns in transparent black
  • 6 patterns in solid pink
  • 6 overlays – transparent black
  • 6 papers – solid pink

Download  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

I hope you can use these freebies before next Valentine’s Day.

See you soon.

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Members News

This post is for members, BUT I have added a little Christmas-something for all at the end.

I have been busy (very busy) uploading new material to the Members Area. Below is a Preview List of all the news. You can also see them in the Members Area Gallery.

Most important is what’s added in “Christmas”:

Added in “Papers”

Added in “Alphas”

Added in “PS/PSE Presets”


Added in “Elements”

If you are not a member but want to be, you can find the details here.

And now for the non-members who miss today’s Christmas Freebies:

Go HERE to check if you have missed some of my old Christmas items – you never know!

See you all tomorrow!

What is time?

I promised you to be back in a few days…… That was 6 months ago!!!!!!

It must be time to let you all know – once again – that I am still here 🙂

There are many reasons for my long absence but summed up into 1: I did NOT take as good care of myself as I should have. Instead of relaxing and resting I decided to move – far away. I will tell you all about this big life-turning event very soon.

I am between houses at the moment and therefore without my own internet connection, That is why I have to ask you for a little more patience,,,

I plan to be back with more than just these excuses in the beginning of the new year, but I will probably find a connection to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

So please hang in there it WILL NOT be another 6 months 😉

Lots of Christmas Love – Trine


Hi all,

I just want to update you on my progress.

The MS treatment has stolen all my energy (hopefully just for a couple of days) so the next posts and new MA material will be a bit delayed. I am feeling OK just totally without energy and sleeping A LOT, so no need to worry – it’s all normal 🙂

I do, however, have energy enough to clarify one thing about “Messy Easter Day 4”:

Many of you have commented on the missing link for the last paper pack, and I can understand your confusion. The “non-working links” are now removed as all 3 paper packs are included in the first download. So if you have downloaded from the link below the image with all 3 previews you have all 3 papers packs = Lightly Crumpled, Mulberry and Stained.

I will be back as soon as possible with all the new material 🙂

Lots of Love – Trine

Another sad day in the world

I know this may not be the right place but I have to share this with you.

You may have heard it in the news but here is the events that took place in Copenhagen yesterday:

At around 3:30 Saturday afternoon a gunman opened fire against a free speech debate forum in a local theatre only a few hundred meters from my home. The gunman shot and wounded 3 policemen and shot and killed one civilian man. He then fled in a hijacked car that he left a short way away from the crime scene, from where he called a cab to take him home.

Later Saturday night the same man went to the synagogue in central Copenhagen where he around 01:00 am tried to get access to a bar mitzvah taking place in the synagogue. When stopped he shot and wounded 2 policemen and shot and killed the Jewish man who guarded the entrance to the party.

Again he got away and headed for home.

But by then the police had located the address where the taxi had taken him earlier in the day and was waiting for him. He opened fire at the police who then shot and killed him.

All this took place far too close to my home, and we stayed up most of the night watching the news on TV.

I felt bad 3 weeks ago when a far too similar thing took place in Paris, but it was, however, in Paris, and how awful it may have been for the world it was far away. Yesterday we lost our innocence and joined the fast growing club of terror attacked countries and cities.

Today we are left with a terrible mixture of feelings – sadness, anger, frustration and fear. But as many before us, we are determined not to let the bad guys win. We stand together against our attackers – not just the one man who fired the shots yesterday, but every single one who has the same mind set as him.

This morning a beautiful thing took place in our city: After morning service in the Cathedral, the whole congregation with the minister in lead walked the short distance to the synagogue where they placed all the flowers from the cathedral on the side walk where the man was killed. They then had a minute of silence before they went home.

I hope we and the rest of the world will NEVER experience more of this, but I also know that to be very naive. But if you have a God – please join my neighbourhood, my city and my country in prayers for the many affected by the last 24 hours of terror.


Out of time!

I have to admit it – I’m out of time….

The combination of Christmas preparations and my limited energy, I am SO behind for tomorrow. Cleaning, cooking, decorating – it all take lots more time than I have anticipated.

That is why  – with deep regrets – I have to inform you that I will not be able to post the last Christmas freebies until after Christmas. It goes for both Blog and Members Area, an sadly the Newsletter too 🙁

I do, however, promise you that you will get it all as soon as peace enters my world, and time stops flying.

But you will get something. As promised I will show you my Christmas Tree:

WP_20141219_19_06_50_ProNow you show me yours….

To every single one of you:

Have Yourself_goldLots of Christmas Wishes for you and yours

Trine jul

Cosy Winter – Day 2

Hi again

Today I bring you the second part of the Cosy Winter Kit.

CW Kit Preview 600Cosy Winter – Elements 2

A pack of “Food & Drinks” and a pack of misc. elements.

Preview - CWK Elements2 6004shared






Cosy Winter – Alpha 2

A-Z, 0-9 and 9 symbols.

Preview - Alpha2 6004shared






Cosy Winter – Papers 2

2 packs of 6 striped canvas papers.

Preview - CWK Papers2 6004shared






See you tomorrow for Day 3!

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