Christmas Tags & new Members Area Products

As promised I’m back with another Christmas freebie, today it’s Christmas Tags.

I have always had a weakness for Tags, both digital and in real life, most of all Christmas tags as they have so many uses. Since we cancelled Christmas gifts in our family (Yes, you read it right – we do not give Christmas presents any more) I miss creating fancy, personalised Christmas tags. What to do? Make them digital for others to use on their gifts.

That is why today you get a pack of 7 vintage style Christmas Tags to use for both gifts (printable) and as decoration on your layouts. They are app. 5 x 10 cm, 300 dpi, and come as individual pngs.

Download links below image.

Folder - Christmas Tags NbF_PU-S4H 600

Click image for larger view.







New products in Members Area incl. more Christmas Tags

I also want to mention that 2 new products have been added to the Members Area today:

Preview - Snowflake PP Glitter 600   Preview - MA Christmas Tags 600

And yes, they look familiar, but they are not the same as seen here on the blog. It’s a glitter version of yesterday’s Snowflake Papers and another version of Christmas Tags. If you are not already a member go here to see how you get to be.

I will now forget about Christmas Tags and other digital Christmas fun and go prepare for the storm to arrive in a few hours. Cross your fingers that we will get through it unharmed – Thanks.


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3 thoughts on “Christmas Tags & new Members Area Products

  1. thank you so much for the awesome tags! stay safe from that storm – looks like no snow for me – what’s new. had a hope of it, now no moisture in the air.

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