Cinnamon – A gift to human kind!

The winner is… Cinnamon

Before we get to the free stuff I want to promote my own all time favourite spice: Cinnamon. I can find nothing negative to say about it, but LOTS of good things:

  • It’s taste is wonderful in both sweet and savoury foods.
  • The smell beats anything else
  • It’s slimming! – It increases you metabolism.
  • It looks pretty in its original stick form.
  • It scrams Christmas in any form.
  • It adds luxury to your coffee, your porridge, your meat sauces, your ice cream, your French toasts – well just about anything you put in your mouth (except toothpaste, I have tried it and hate it!).
  • And all that comes from a simple piece of bark!

I could go on forever. But one important – not mentioned – thing is the colour. And that is exactly the part I have used for today’s freebie. I wish I could have added the smell but the technology is not quite there yet.

I have added Cinnamon colours to an ornament paper pack with 12 papers ready for adding cinnamon luxury to your scrap work. The papers are 12 x 12, 300 dpi, JPGs and you are welcome to use them for CU as well as PU and S4O/S4H.

Download links below image.

Folder - Cinnamon PP 600

Click image for larger view.







I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Commenter of the Month – December

Later today I will find the Commenter of the Month for December. I have decided to make it a random draw as it was starting to be a “two-sided” choice every month. Sorry Vi and Stacey, but you still have a chance each month 🙂

The winner will be announced during the weekend.

Have a nice weekend – with lots of cinnamon!

Trine 4 hw for cinnamon pp

12 thoughts on “Cinnamon – A gift to human kind!

  1. Yummy, yummy! Your papers are so beautiful! Think I’ll print one out and eat it. Ok, that may be a bit extreme. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  2. these are gorgeous! thank you! I love cinnamon, but I love pepper more – LOL – I love spicy. I don’t mind it being random, as I don’t thank you to win a prize, but to show my appreciation for your wonderful gifts, and who know, Vi & I may still get lucky now and again!

  3. Hi, I just love the smell of cinnamon as well and Christmas gone I put my special friends cards that I made in a box with some fresh cinnamon sticks and small pieces of pine branch so they would smell christmassy when they were opened and it worked a treat.
    Thank you for the papers I might just put them in a box the same way. haha!!! a new idea is forming.

  4. Your cinnamon papers are YUMMY and I use to think that the spice was yummy. In fact, I thought it was so yummy that I used it often in my coffee, tea, hot cocoa and in all kind of cooking. I loved almost any kind of cinnamon candy and the smell of it in candles, etc.

    BUT something happened and I became allergic to the taste and smell of it. I actually had an anaphylactic reaction to it one day driving pass a bakery/plant located on Main Street in my home town. I had a hard time convincing them of my problem until I spoke with a lawyer and threatened them with the EPA.

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