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  1. Well, I wanted to make a contribution for your blog, but I can’t find a place to do it. Will there be one soon?
    Thanks again for all you have shared.

    • Thank you Sharron. There will be one soon (I just need to figure out how to do it ;0) ), but the one on my old blog still works.

      XOXO Trine

  2. How do I download from this site? It shows these: Box, MediaFire, Dropbox, 2shared, SugarSync and 4shared in the downloads but none of them work for me.

    I have Windows 8.1 and it has it’s own unzip program so not sure what to do.

    Please help and Thank you
    Janet Miller

  3. Dear Trine,

    I wanted to thank you for your recent newsletter and honesty about your health issues. I am very
    grateful for the freebies and hope to join soon as a paying member.
    I have a brand new business and am experiencing many of the same things you are going through.
    Trying to share our God given talents and gifts “freely” but also desperately need income to survive at the same time can certainly be tough to juggle. It is inspiring to hear your story and one I can relate to.
    Thank you for the beautiful work and know that you have certainly been a true blessing to me and my new little entrepreneurial journey.

    Vickie Tullar
    Vic’s Photobooth Co.
    Cottage Grove, Oregon USA

  4. I’m french so I will not write a long message. I just want to thank you for this amazing site which will help me. Digiscrap is new for me and your freebies will be very useful. Your work is beautiful and I wish that one day I’ll be able to do as well.

  5. Just joined the membership. I’m also a patron at PixelScrapper.
    Your work is exceptional and I wanted to participate in funding your generous site. Thanks and be well.

  6. Thank you ever so much, I hope all is well for you and your family and that things have improved since the new year, Regards, Denise

  7. Hi, I have joined your member’s area and am awaiting the password. I understand you have not been well, and my prayers are with you.

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