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A family is not a family without family…

Uhmmm… What?

Well, what I mean is: Families have to grow to stay a family and the same goes for communities of several families.

That is why I am proud to introduce you to 3 new families in the NbF Community.

New families on the Blog

I could have made a funny title here about “New Kids on the Blog” but I wont 🙂

The Blog Family Community are happy to welcome 2 very special families:

The Real Egg Family

To mark Easter’s coming, a small family of real, vintage eggs have moved in. They are very nice but a bit reserved, which is why I have to make them PU/S4H.

Preview Real Egg Family BUNDLE 600

Click image for larger view

They can all be found HERE.

The Roula De Cos

Now, watch out… This family is descendants of old, French aristocracy and sometimes have an attitude. But don’t let them frighten you. When you get to know them they are actually very nice and helpful. Their door is always open if you need anything (except money).

Preview - Roula De Co Family Tree 100

Click image for larger view

Come visit them HERE!

New material for Members

The NbF Members Area has also been joined by new members, including a new family.

The Wilsons

An old fashioned, down to earth family with lots of members making the neighbourhood a happy, lively place to be.

Wilson Family Tree 200

Click image for larger view

Other new material – no relations

The Members Area also have 4 new Member tenants for you to get acquainted with.


Preview - Zodiacs_CU 600 Preview - Corner Ornaments_ALL 600


Preview Vintage Tag Alpha 600


Preview - MA_Double Border_CU 600


I am having unidentified problems with my zip program so sometimes it corrupts a file or two in the zips for download. You have been kind enough to let me know when you find one of these, and I want you to continue doing so. Until now I have re-uploaded a few of the spoiled zips, but one of them just kept on being corrupted, no matter what I tried. That is why I am posting the missing file here now, so you can get it solo and un-zipped.

“DotEggs Felt Border big” from the “Cute Easter” kit posted on April 3rd.

Egg Border Felt 1 big

Click image, right click and save image as…

I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I will try to get to the bottom of the problem as soon as possible.

Well, I think that was all for now. I will be back very soon with new freebies – I’m going a little Vintage now…..

See you then 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Family News

  1. OK – First, it appears that you are totally ignoring the advice given to you by Stacy and me to get some rest and not to overdo – sigh. Well, what do we know, anyway? You’ve gone and done it again by giving us some truly spectacular goodies. 🙂

    Second, I LOVE your families and your descriptions of their personalities. I know I have personally met the Wilsons and Roula De Cos during my lifetime – they just had different names — but your versions are wonderful.

    Third, The Real Egg Family is an unusual treat – the realism is wonderful.

    Fourth – All the other goodies – Egg border, double border overlays, vintage tag alpha, zodiacs, and ornamental corners — are so great that I don’t even know where to begin.

    Fifth – I love your sense of humor in describing your families. You are just toooooooooo funny 🙂

    Sixth – You are so very much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Holy Cow and I do mean Holy Cow!!! thank you so much for all of these. I do think Viv said it best. They are all fantastic, only I need more room on my lil laptop to download. Will try and remove things tonight so I can get cracking. I too love your descriptions and I do appreciate you making all of these and then uploading – I know how time consuming that can be. You are so clever, I got a good chuckle at these descriptions. Thanks for the border too. I still haven’t unzipped anything, need to get a new external – running out of room quickly. My laptop is old so I have about 11G only and it fills up so quickly I can’t believe it. The funny thing is I remember when I got a desktop with windows 95 and 8GB and I thought it was huge. LOL

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