Felt Baby Kit

It’s Baby Time

I am feeling a bit better now and moving in the right direction. I have even been using designing as therapy so be prepared for a BLAST soon 🙂

It is now February and you might be expecting red and oink hearts all over the blog. And they will be here soon, but I want to start the month with the possible result of all that love this moth will bring….. BABIES!

Preview - Felt Baby B&G 600I have made Baby Kit with material for both baby boys and baby girls. Everything is it is felt (and heartfelt) and comes in 2 versions a flat felt version and a puffy felt version. Each part contains:

  • 1 mini block alpha
  • 1 felt alpha sheet
  • 19 baby elements

I have uploaded each part separately so you download the parts you want, but you are of course welcome to take all 4.


Preview - BabyBoy_FlatFelt_CU 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox

BABY BOY – Puffy

Preview - BabyBoy_PuffyFelt_CU 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox


Preview - BabyGirl_FlatFelt_CU 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox


Preview - BabyGirl_PuffyFelt_CU 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Before I leave you I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for all your sympathy and get well soon wishes. It really helps knowing that you are out there thinking of me and sending me your best wishes. Sometimes it doesn’t take much more than a kind word to even out all the bad in your world. So never forget to let your love be known.

I know my MS will not be better, but I will do all I can to make all the other bad stuff go away and that is where you help me on the way. I love to make designs for you and as mentioned above I have been self-medicating with lots of computer time mainly making simple basic stuff that didn’t require thinking and concentrating (lots of Action work). Most of that will soon be published on a new page called “The Medicine Cabinet” where you can download all you like. In that way your kindness becomes my medicine that makes me able to make your medicine – nice way of paying it forward!

I will be back soon with all the Love Stuff, so sit tight and enjoy life….

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13 thoughts on “Felt Baby Kit

  1. Thank you so very much for the beautiful baby kits…I love
    them all 🙂

    That’s wonderful news that you’re feeling better. As someone living
    with auto-immune disorders, I know what it’s like taking one day at
    a time and doing what you can each day. And you’re right, designing
    is wonderful medicine! 🙂

    ~Hugs and Prayers~ Kathie

  2. So happy to hear that you are doing better now. No matter what, always know that there are many of us who care greatly about you.

    Thank you so much for these baby kits. They are AWESOME!

  3. If talent were medicine, you would have enough meds to cure a continent, maybe two! These baby kits are so sweet. No one would know how much you hurt while you made them. You are so generous. I wish I could walk over and give you a big hug. There is no cure for bureaucracy so we have to take care of each other. <3


  4. I’m glad you’re feeling better at least not so depressed. I know it’s hard dealing with everything, but yes we’re around if you need us. I love these so much, especially the puffies. I have one niece so these will be perfect!! I’ll look forward to the love items, when you feel up to it! Remember you don’t always have to post a freebie, we like knowing what you’re up to even when you can’t create.

  5. thank you so much for these I am about to become a great grandmother to a little girl and these are perfect. thank you so much for all your hard work through your illness it is much appreciated.

  6. Thankyou so much. Hope you feel bit better today. I am looking forward to being a Grandmother for the 8th time soon, so these new embellishments will be fab to use. TY once again xx

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