Gray Tones Time – Outside and In

What do we do when the outside is in gray tones?

Hmm – why not see the beauty in the gray tones…

I have created a Mini Kit for you today called “DUNE”. It celebrated the beauty in the outside gray. If it’s a bit too depressing for your just add a splash of your favorite colour 😉

The Mini Kit includes 6 papers, 9 elements and a Caps Alpha with numbers and symbols.

Gray Tones Mini KitDOWNLOAD:   Mediafire     –     Dropbox

On a personal note:

The outside is not the only thing in gray tones – so is my brain!

At this time of year my MS is acting up more than usual and that means my brain is a bit like slush. It takes an enormous amount of energy to just make a post lake this, and designing is even harder. I do, however, not give up as designing is my therapy. I will continue to make freebies for you. I just ask you to get used to not getting them as frequent as you used to. I will post as often as possible and wait for the gray tones to turn into spring and summer.

Lots of Love

10 thoughts on “Gray Tones Time – Outside and In

  1. Big hugs to you from a fellow MS sufferer, who very much appreciates your efforts. I understand what it takes sometimes, even to do the things you love. I’m not talented enough to design stuff from scratch but I use your lovely offerings to make cards, gift bags etc for all my friends and family.

  2. Hi, I am so sorry you have this awful problem, I knew someone with the same and it was not a nice thing to deal with as she was so active and like you creative. please dont worry about us just post on your good days and rest when you need to. god bless you

  3. Take good care of yourself and you will get through this. There’s all kinds of research being done too. Keep us updated and do what you can. We appreciate your talent and generosity.

  4. We all care about you and want you to know that. Your health and well being are far more important than the frequency of your posts, which are always amazing and wonderful to receive. Your world may be filled with gray tones right now, but you give us a world of colorful rainbows with your kindness. Thank you.

  5. Ty so much. I also know the effort you have to muster up in order to create/produce these lovely creations. I have Chronic M.E. and Fibro as well as other health issues, so know how you feel. Please continue as best you can with these beautiful designs. They definitely are great therapy. xxx

  6. I am sorry to hear you are an MS sufferer. I feel sorry for myself sometimes with ME. Art is a wonderful therapy, please keep going as long as you enjoy it.
    Sending love and prayers x

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