What is Halloween without YUCK?

You’ve GOT to add a little yuck to Halloween…

Despite all the skeletons, ghosts, witches and black cats, Halloween is also about blood, guts and gore – and bugs and spiders and other crawlies.It all add that extra dimension of scare and horror, don’t you think?

It’s one of the interesting things about Halloween – it scares you, disgust you and you know it’s something you should stay away from… But you can’t help it, cause at the same time you LOVE it. Maybe it’s a valve for some of our dark, secret thoughts and feelings being released that one time of year instead of us going mad for the rest of the year – who knows?

So today I have taken a little break in the Dark vs. Light series and bring you an absolute Yucky Bundle of elements. Don’t work with it while you eat!!!!

Yucky Bundle – Halloween 2014 (CU)

A 3-pack bundle of elements containing:

  • 17 Crawlies
  • 7 “Halloween” texts
  • 6 Monster Skin Flairs

Everything is full size, PNGs, and may be used for CU as well as PU and S4O/S4H.

Preview - Yuck Bundle 6004shared






Latest update on the Newsletter

I have now reached a point where I can tell you that the next Newsletter – A special Halloween Edition – will be mail on….. 31.10.2014 🙂

I hope you will enjoy it.

Back tomorrow

I plan on being back again tomorrow with the Dark/Light series so drop by, OK?

Lots of Love

Trine 3 hw


7 thoughts on “What is Halloween without YUCK?

  1. I soooo love it! thank you so much! that’s why I love halloween, just as much fun for an adult as for a child! The creepy crawlies are fantastic!

  2. Oh my gosh – these are fantastic! You sure aren’t joking when you say they are yucky. Good thing I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.

    I’m sooooooo looking forward to your newsletter. Happy Halloween!

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