Heart Attack – the good kind

Have a heart!

This is not meant in the usual way – it’s to be taken quite literally. I give you not only A heat but 100 hearts. To kick-start this year’s Valentine celebrations I have made sure you’ll NEVER experience a shortage of hearts.

NOTICE! – Don’t take the preview for this pack seriously. I made the mistake of writing 50 hearts (2 x 25), but there actually IS 100 (2 x 50).

I have dug out all my Atomic Cupcake actions and used them to make you 50 different styled hearts in both red and pink. They can be used individually or combined – the possibilities are endless.

Each heart is app. 2½ inches, 300 dpi, and you are welcome to use them for commercial use.

Because of the size of this freebie I have separated it into 2 downloads – the pink hearts in on and the red hearts in another. Be sure to get them both.

Download links below image.

Folder - Heart Attack_CU 600

Click image for larger view.

4shared  –  PINK    –    RED

Box  –  PINK    –    RED

MediaFire  –  PINK   –   RED

Dropbox  –  PINK    –    RED

2shared  –  PINK    –    RED

SugarSync  –  PINK    –    RED

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Heart attack signature pink

14 thoughts on “Heart Attack – the good kind

  1. these are wonderful, and I sure need hearts and love right now. thank you so much. My vet just confirmed, that my dog has malignant breast cancer. so if anyone will say a prayer please, I sure would appreciate it! If it hasn’t spread, she will have a masectomy, but if it has, than there is nothing we can do except try to slow the growth down, and enjoy whatever time I have left with her. I’m trying not to think about that.

    • I am so sorry about your dog. I had a cat that had cancer due to a vaccination and I know how difficult it is. You and she are in my thoughts and prayers.

      • Lou Ann, thank you so much! we did receive some good news, it hasn’t spread to her lungs, so still in her breasts only. we are trying some holistic treatments, and we go back for xrays in 2 months to see what if any has changed. If its still not spread, we may do a masectomy of her left breasts. She would have to wait that long anyway, because she just had surgery a week ago, and being an older dog – she’s 9 1/2 they don’t want to put her under so close together.

  2. Hi Trini, many thanks for these lovely designs! Not long ago I was e-mail chatting with a sweet lady who learned from your site that we are both in same state. Her name is Virginia, like our state, and she had such wonderful things to say about you. I thought you’d like to know. I am sorry you’ve been having such a bad time lately with the MS. It’s such a difficult disorder, as I’ve learned from another friend who has it. And I can sympathize with the not knowing what each day will bring in relation to your health as I have fibromyalgia and a number of other chronic pain conditions. While not as severe as your health issues by any means, fibro is also considered an auto-immune disorder and it does make life a challenge. I’m sending prayers your way. Healing hugs, SherryD aka Sher Scraps 4 CU & Wonderland Scraps

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