Journey of Hope Journal Cards – We all need Hope

Therapy and Hope

Today’s Freebie turned out to be more than just a Freebie. Without the intention, it ended up as a Therapy Guide for those who needs to recover hope. Don’t run away scared… I’m not going to be blubbering and touchy-feely. We are actually just talking about a bunch of Journal Cards made without any intentions other than being pretty, and then after finishing them, I discovered a theme. We are talking about the brain’s hidden ways of communicating a message. And no, I’m not depressed or going mad. But take a look at these JCs and see for yourself.

First I noticed the colour choice – blues.

Then I looked at the images – hmm…..

Then I looked at the names of the individual cards and started to re-arrange them in a different order and came up with this:

(I want to) Sleep Forever – Up & Down – New Perspective – It’s Monday (but it’s OK) – Set yourself Free – Be Happe

If that’s not a signal, I don’t know what is.

And finally, but not less important, I discovered that the style I have used for the cards is called “Journey of Hope”! WOW!!!!

That’s how an innocent production of journal cards became a mental journey of hope. I hope you can use them too. If not for a mental, therapeutic journey, then at least as the pretty Journal Cards they were intended to be 🙂

The 6 Journal Cards are app. 6½ x 10 cm, 300 dpi, PNGs, and you can use them for PU, S4O/S4H and CU.

Download links below image.

Folder - Journey of Hope JCs 600

Click image for larger view







Coming Up!

I will take tomorrow off to do uploading but I’m back on Sunday with new family members for you – both on Blog and Members Area.

Have a glorious weekend with lot’s of sunshine and hope in your lives…

Teal signature for Hope JCs

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