Love Letters

Here I am again – apologizing!

I promised you a weekend freebie but did not keep my promise – I’m Sorry…

But Sunday I had the family over for pancakes (or crêpes to be correct) and bingo, and that, as you can imagine, took priority ;o) And today has been busy as well. But here I am and so is your freebie. I have made you a very lovely Valentine QP but also added some png love letters for you to use in your own Valentine LOs. For those interested I can reveal that the poem used is written by a very famous Danish poet and author – myself (again I apologize ;o))

Hope you can find a loved one to use this for.

Click image for direct download.

I am not making anymore promises so I’ll simply say: “See you soon”.

12 thoughts on “Love Letters

  1. thank you….but you have no need to apologize. we should not be in anyway disapointed because we precieve somthing to be late. you are very gracious to give us
    FREE designs and as much as i love getting your freebies family should always come first. once again, thank you for your beautiful designs!

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