Medicine Cabinet

When I’m not feeling 100 % I tend to self-medicate by creating something where I don’t have to think all that much. That usually means using PS Actions (let the computer do the work). These creations can sometimes be monotonous and/or pretty basic, so I won’t bother you with them on the blog. On the other hand, they are far too good not to use, so I have made this Medicine Cabinet for posting all my “Down Creations” for you to download. And maybe they can act as some kind of medication for you too….

Take what you like but don’t complain – remember everything was made during down-periods…

NOTICE: In here you can download from Dropbox only – the images are linked.

Choose the medication for your need and click

Uppers copy    Downers copyMedicine to get you in a good mood      Medicine for relaxation and calm

Enjoy and make sure not to overdose!


5 thoughts on “Medicine Cabinet

  1. wow oh wow oh wow!!!!

    Such a great concept! and oh, so many treasures! I am not very good at making things yet. (I am terrified of Photoshop. I still do everything on my iPad!) I want to make my first kit and needed papers. My old iPad cannot handle the 3600×3600 paper size. Coming here today was like a great big Christmas present! Your elements and papers are so great and versatile. I love your new medicine cabinet! You are just the best to share like this. And when I learn how to make things, I hope to be like you and share what I make. You are my inspiration!

  2. I love them all! thanks so much! Saving to snag soon – out of hard-drive space again, and busy transferring everything now.

  3. Your medicine cabinet is absolutely fabulous — and what a novel idea! You have such incredible creativity. Thank you so much!

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