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This post is for members, BUT I have added a little Christmas-something for all at the end.

I have been busy (very busy) uploading new material to the Members Area. Below is a Preview List of all the news. You can also see them in the Members Area Gallery.

Most important is what’s added in “Christmas”:

Added in “Papers”

Added in “Alphas”

Added in “PS/PSE Presets”


Added in “Elements”

If you are not a member but want to be, you can find the details here.

And now for the non-members who miss today’s Christmas Freebies:

Go HERE to check if you have missed some of my old Christmas items – you never know!

See you all tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Members News

  1. Your generosity in providing all these fabulous gifts during this Christmas season is overwhelming, yet so very much appreciated.

    I hope you will take some time out for yourself to enjoy this season and its beauty, and to spend time with those you love.

    Thank you again, dear Santa!

  2. I would REALLY love to purchase your Christmas Cookies Alpha. Is there someway I could do that without becoming a Member?

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