Messy Easter 1

Why a Messy Easter?

Well, before we get to answer that I want to tell you how I started my Easter-Relaxation-Weekend: I slept until noon, had eggs for breakfast (lunch – brunch – whatever), watched a movie on TV, had coffee and a cupcake (the cupcake had NOTHING to do with Easter but was a charity-cupcake sold to raise money for MS research, so I had no choice 🙂 ), and now I’m posting for you and giving you the answer to the question above…

So…. Today I start the 4-day freebie bundle called “Messy Easter”. It’s made in a kind of protest… Why does Easter material always have to be so cute and nice and clean? I wanted to make something messy and used and a bit worn. And that is how this bundle came to be.

I actually think that you can still use it for something nice, cute and clean – it’s not that messed up – but it’s my way of making something unusual.

Today we start out slow. I give you 2 packs of dotted papers and overlays – a Big Dots and a Small Dots.

Each contains

  • 10 papers (clean)
  • 10 papers (stained)
  • 6 overlays (transparent)

All are 12×12, 300 dpi, and may be used for CU.

Messy Easter – Big Dots

Big Dots FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Messy Easter – Small Dots

Small Dots FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox

I will be back tomorrow with Part 2 – A pattern bundle incl. PAT, papers and overlays. It’s Eggcelent!!!

See you then…

Trine 3 - day7

9 thoughts on “Messy Easter 1

  1. You are adorable and creative and generous! Of course you had to eat that cupcake. We must do all we can to defeat MS. I sincerely hope we see a cure in your lifetime. Thank you!

  2. Love the papers! Another awesome set! thanks so much! I love your spin on it. Actually Easter can be quite messy if you have a bunch of kids over dyeing eggs for sure! I look forward to the rest of the kit. Glad you had a nice morning!

  3. You always have such a creative spin, and your Messy Easter is no “eggseption”!
    Thank you so much for these wonderful papers and overlays. 🙂

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