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NbF MA Ticket 15

WHAT is a NbF Membership?

A NbF Membership is a V.I.P. Club and gives you the access code to the Member’s Area – an area behind the blog – where exclusive material are placed for download. The material in the area is a mix of former for-sale-material and new designs by Danish Design. New material will be added at regular intervals and from time to time special events/gifts will be available to the members.

A Gallery  will also show a list of all the products available in the area by previews and can be accessed without code. It looks like this:

EBF-productpreview_PatinaPP 6x6   Folder    EBF-productpreview-Old Paper All 600

To get access to the Member’s Area you need to buy a personal access code. This code is yours and valid forever – well at least as long as the Membership Area exists. The price for a lifetime MA Code is only $15 and once it is purchased and delivered to you, you can download all you want, whenever you want. The products in the Members Area at the time of launch is more than $250, and for each new product added the deal just keeps getting better and better.

There will be 2 download links for each product – one from MediaFire and one from Dropbox.

At some point when/if the membership list gets big enough an email newsletter will be added to your membership.

HOW do I become a Member?

To become a member and receive the Member’s Area Code all you need to do is use the PayPal button in the menu on the right of all pages. You fill in you full name in the box and press “Buy Now” and you will then be taken to PayPal where you accept the purchase. When that is done I will make sure you get your Access Code as soon as possible (within 24 hours) and you are ready to access via the Member’s Area button in the top menu and get downloading.

You will also receive an “I’m a NbF Member”- badge for you to put on your blog/website if you want. It is NOT a requirement.

WHY have such an area been introduced?

Well, it is NOT for me to get rich, I can promise you that. I have opened this feature for two reasons:

  1. I would love to make the relationship I have with so many of you a lot closer. And a club has a tendency to have that effect.
  2. Running a site like Nothing but Freebies is not free. Upgrades, site hotels, web storage, design material… it all costs money. And since that is exactly what I don’t have much of, I need your “help” to keep NbF alive. I found it best to make that happen by a “quid-pro-quo” feature like this. You get something, I get something and hopefully we are all happy at the end of the day 🙂


If you have any question please drop me an email on


15 thoughts on “Membership – What & How

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  8. Oh – I do LUV me a bargain – thank you for this – I look forward to getting my Membership and coming on in there 😀

    IKE in Greece xxxxxxxxxx

  9. just purchased my Membership !!! I am so looking forward to downloading. I have purchased “papers” on esty for between one and four dollars a pack. Your graphics are exceptional and with only fifteen dollars for the membership the price is excellent.
    I feel better downloading using the membership. On a couple of occasions I have picked up some really nasty ad and malware from some of the “FREE” sights. THANK YOU..HELENE

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  11. I am looking forward to checking out the members area but have not recieved my code yet. It has been over 48 hrs. please reply. Thank you

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