Not THAT busted…

You might have noticed one of the comments to my last post about me being “busted”. Well, Anonynous, I’m not THAT busted. I did, however, make to bads:

  • I forgot to put the Credits in the zip file.
  • I mis-took the font for being free to use.

Now I’m wiser and want to let you know that Anonymous is absolutely right – The font I used for the “Versatile Alpha” IS made with Juan Casco’s font “Sucker” and I had no intention to hide that or make it seem as if I had done it all (I’m not THAT good ;o))

When I got the font I downloaded it from DeviantArt and could not find any mention of TOU for the font, but as soon as I found out it was actually for Personal Use Only, I immediately contacted Juan to apologize and he gave me permission to let the alpha stay on the blog for anyone to download.

Furthermore, I will make him an appropriate donation and put up the “Credits” with the download link as soon as possible. So Thank You to Anonymous for making me aware of my mistakes – and an even bigger Thank You to Juan for letting me keep the alpha online.
If you are interested in getting the font for your own use you can find it at DaFont and many other places – and don’t miss Juan’s website, he is extremely talented.

Until next time… stay as cool as your local weather allows!

3 thoughts on “Not THAT busted…

  1. I’m glad we can still use it as it is terrific! Don’t worry everyone does make mistakes and I’m glad Juan was of the same mind and is letting us use it.

  2. I have a question, I am trying to overhaul my blog, am I allowed to use the free downloads to make a header etc. I am not selling anything it would just be for my personal family blog?? ontheoldpath(at)hotmail(dot)com

    Thank you so much,

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