Shout Out and QP

Today I would like to make a Shout Out for a fantastic designer: Marisa Lerin @ Pixel Scrapper.
She makes the most wonderful designs – papers, elements, templates etc. – and she gives it all away for free. And we like that, don’t we?
Her latest kit is called Berlin and is super great in many ways. First of all it’s filled with the most wonderful designs, it contains no less than 5 alphas (oh, I do like alphas!!) but also it’s all in grey and tan which means it can be easily re-coloured if needed. Take a look:
Image linked to Pixel Scrapper.
But don’t miss out on all her other kits and freebies. If you can afford it, please either buy something from her store or donate a small amount to keep the wheels running. You may not all be aware of it, but it costs quite a bit to run a freebie site and it would REALLY be a shame if the site have to close one day due to insufficient funding!(I can quietly add that the same goes for this site…)
For today’s freebie I have made a QP for you entirely out of Berlin stuff, but I have added a little splash of colour to match the picture – I really hope you like it.
Since 4shared are taking their time fixing their problems, I have uploaded today’s freebie to two other sites. The image is linked to but if you prefer MediaFire you can click HERE.
I will work on new freebies for you and return as soon as possible.

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