SNOW? – How to get a White Christmas

The snow-less storm

I didn’t get my snow – but we survived the storm. It actually turned into a hurricane and caused great damage around the country. We had about 5-6 hours of curfew where it wasn’t advised to go outside – not that I would have wanted to – and all bridges were closed, no public transportation from 6 pm till this morning, all shops, restaurants and theatres closed and almost no traffic on the roads besides a few brain dead pedestrians and cyclist who tried to move forward. I do believe that the local 7-eleven was open but I’m not sure if they had any costumers besides the occasional policeman or fire fighter. We were, however, lucky to have our living room and bedroom on the lee side of the storm, so we got through it unharmed spending the night drinking hot chocolate. This morning a tiny little bit of snow was falling but because of the after-storm it never reached the ground.

The snow

So what do we do if we want a white Christmas and none is coming out there? We go digital!

Today’s freebie is an alpha made from pure driven snow. It contains upper case letters only + 2 extras in form of a snowy hill and a snow overlay. All full size, 300 dpi, individual PNGs.

Download links below image.

Preview Pure Driven Snow Alpha Upper cases only

Click image for larger view.







I know this is somewhat unfair but… Should you be interested in the full-full version of this alpha (upper, lower, numbers, symbols and more extras) , it is now available in the Members Area. So come join us!

Have a wonderful day – we’ll meet again very soon, I hope.

Snow signature - brown

4 thoughts on “SNOW? – How to get a White Christmas

  1. thank you for the wonderful alpha! Glad you survived intact. At least I got snow this way – bummers none tomorrow – maybe later in the month but I won’t count on it!

  2. Wonderful alpha! I love the full alpha and extras you included in the Members area. For anyone who hasn’t yet joined, I highly recommend doing so. It’s a digital feast 🙂

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