Sparkle and Glitter – It’s still Christmas

Did your Christmas Sparkle?

I really hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I did, and I will be keeping it alive for a few more weeks here on NbF. Today’s theme is kind of a re-run… Glitter vs. Sparkle.

If you remember my earlier post about glitter, you’ll know that I have a rather strained relationship with it. But as mentioned – Christmas needs a bit of sparkle. And then I re-discovered my Atomic Cupcake Action “Sparkle” and thought “That’s it!”. I much prefer the sparkle to the glitter, but in today’s freebie I will let you decide who wins the battle between the two. I have made another decorations pack with the well-known Christmas shapes in the well-known Christmas colours. There are 12 shapes each in both glitter and sparkle.

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Folder - Glitter & Sparkle 600

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Stay happy and warm and await the final 2013 post arriving tomorrow or Tuesday.

Signature - brown for glitter & sparkle

5 thoughts on “Sparkle and Glitter – It’s still Christmas

  1. I love both so this is gorgeous! thank you so much! Glad you had a fantastic Christmas, we did too. Just still recovering it was a whirlwind and came much to quickly!

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