Messy Easter – Day 4

Final Messy Easter Post

We have come to the end of both Easter and the Messy Easter Bundle. It went way too fast ….

But over or not, I hope you have enjoyed your holidays and this alternative Easter material and will like today’s final packs as well.

Today is all about Papers. 6 paper packs are coming your way in different Messy Easter styles – grunge, textured, painted and solid.

ME Grunge 1

5 papers, 12×12, 300 dpi, JPGs.

Grunge 1 FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox

ME Grunge 2

5 papers, 12×12, 300 dpi, JPGs.

Grunge 2 FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox

ME Painted Torn Cardboard

6 papers, 12×12, 300 dpi, JPGs.

Painted Cardoard FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox

ME Solids

3-in-1 solid papers with 6 in each. 12×12, 300 dpi, JPGs.

Solids FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Lightly Crumpled

Lightly Crumpled FolderMulberry

Mulberry FolderStained

Stained Folder

On a personal note…

I just want to let you know that I had the best day yesterday! Fantastic weather, delicious food and wonderful company. My mother lives outside the city and although I won’t call it “country side” it’s till far enough to give a feeling of fresh air, birdsong and the smell of spring 🙂

But, unfortunately, the real life is returning tomorrow and on Wednesday I am having another MRI scan followed by treatment start-up next Tuesday. I have mixed feeling about the lather, ’cause a part of me is looking forward to finally getting treatment, but another part of me whispers “what if the side effects makes you feel worse or it won’t work at all?”. Well, time will tell and I’ll cross my fingers. And the weather forecast for this week is promising 15-16 degrees C 🙂

Enjoy the last day of Easter and every day after that. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Trine 3 lime1

Messy Easter – Day 3

Cute elements – Messy Easter Style

Messy or not – we have to have the cuties. Today’s part of Messy Easter is the element. Cute bunnies and chicks, and eggs of course. You get them in 8 different messy styles and in the 6 colours of the Bundle palette. That makes 48 of each cutie = 144 elements.

The 8 styles used are:

  • Alcohol Ink
  • Chipped Paint Metal
  • Cracked Chipboard
  • Crumpled Paper
  • Lightly Crumpled Paper
  • Mulberry
  • Tissue
  • Watercolour Stamp

The Tissue Eggs are the ones I used for yesterday’s patterns.

All the elements are full size, 300 dpi, and may be used for CU, PU and S4O/S4H.

Messy Bunnies

Messy Easter Bunnies FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Messy Chicks

Messy Easter Chicks FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Messy Eggs

Messy Easter Eggs FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox


As mentioned earlier I am not posting the 4th and final part tomorrow. So while I’m enjoying lunch at my Mother’s you can take the day off as well and use it with your own family enjoying Easter activities (lots of chocolate!).

I will be back on Monday with a lot of Messy Easter Papers. See you then?

Trine 3 - day7

Messy Easter – Day 2

Messy Easter Egg Patterns

Today’s part of the Messy Easter Bundle contains Egg Patterns with papers and overlays included.

The eggs are made in tissue style to give them a textured effect and you will get 2 colour combinations – purple/purple and green/yellow. The tissue eggs will come as elements in a later posting.

Here is what you get:

  • PAT with 12 patterns + pattern squares (6 solid and 6 transparent)
  • 6 papers
  • 6 overlays

As usual it is all 12×12, 300 dpi, and can be used for CU as well as PU and S4O/S4H.

Egg Patterns FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox

A little addition from my forgetful brain

First I forgot to include the Bundle Preview in the download files and yesterday I forgot to post it with part 1 so if you want it you can click on it below and then right click and save…

Messy Easter Bundle 600So now you know what you have to look forward to….

Happy Easter Greetings

Trine 3 lime1

Messy Easter 1

Why a Messy Easter?

Well, before we get to answer that I want to tell you how I started my Easter-Relaxation-Weekend: I slept until noon, had eggs for breakfast (lunch – brunch – whatever), watched a movie on TV, had coffee and a cupcake (the cupcake had NOTHING to do with Easter but was a charity-cupcake sold to raise money for MS research, so I had no choice 🙂 ), and now I’m posting for you and giving you the answer to the question above…

So…. Today I start the 4-day freebie bundle called “Messy Easter”. It’s made in a kind of protest… Why does Easter material always have to be so cute and nice and clean? I wanted to make something messy and used and a bit worn. And that is how this bundle came to be.

I actually think that you can still use it for something nice, cute and clean – it’s not that messed up – but it’s my way of making something unusual.

Today we start out slow. I give you 2 packs of dotted papers and overlays – a Big Dots and a Small Dots.

Each contains

  • 10 papers (clean)
  • 10 papers (stained)
  • 6 overlays (transparent)

All are 12×12, 300 dpi, and may be used for CU.

Messy Easter – Big Dots

Big Dots FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Messy Easter – Small Dots

Small Dots FolderDOWNLOAD:    MediaFire     –     Dropbox

I will be back tomorrow with Part 2 – A pattern bundle incl. PAT, papers and overlays. It’s Eggcelent!!!

See you then…

Trine 3 - day7

Family News

A family is not a family without family…

Uhmmm… What?

Well, what I mean is: Families have to grow to stay a family and the same goes for communities of several families.

That is why I am proud to introduce you to 3 new families in the NbF Community.

New families on the Blog

I could have made a funny title here about “New Kids on the Blog” but I wont 🙂

The Blog Family Community are happy to welcome 2 very special families:

The Real Egg Family

To mark Easter’s coming, a small family of real, vintage eggs have moved in. They are very nice but a bit reserved, which is why I have to make them PU/S4H.

Preview Real Egg Family BUNDLE 600

Click image for larger view

They can all be found HERE.

The Roula De Cos

Now, watch out… This family is descendants of old, French aristocracy and sometimes have an attitude. But don’t let them frighten you. When you get to know them they are actually very nice and helpful. Their door is always open if you need anything (except money).

Preview - Roula De Co Family Tree 100

Click image for larger view

Come visit them HERE!

New material for Members

The NbF Members Area has also been joined by new members, including a new family.

The Wilsons

An old fashioned, down to earth family with lots of members making the neighbourhood a happy, lively place to be.

Wilson Family Tree 200

Click image for larger view

Other new material – no relations

The Members Area also have 4 new Member tenants for you to get acquainted with.


Preview - Zodiacs_CU 600 Preview - Corner Ornaments_ALL 600


Preview Vintage Tag Alpha 600


Preview - MA_Double Border_CU 600


I am having unidentified problems with my zip program so sometimes it corrupts a file or two in the zips for download. You have been kind enough to let me know when you find one of these, and I want you to continue doing so. Until now I have re-uploaded a few of the spoiled zips, but one of them just kept on being corrupted, no matter what I tried. That is why I am posting the missing file here now, so you can get it solo and un-zipped.

“DotEggs Felt Border big” from the “Cute Easter” kit posted on April 3rd.

Egg Border Felt 1 big

Click image, right click and save image as…

I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I will try to get to the bottom of the problem as soon as possible.

Well, I think that was all for now. I will be back very soon with new freebies – I’m going a little Vintage now…..

See you then 🙂

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Spring Backgrounds

2 x 3 beautiful Spring Backgrounds packs

Today’s Freebie is a real treat. 2 packs of Spring Backgrounds with 3 backgrounds in each pack. If I had to describe them myself I would have to use the big words but let me sum it up in just one: Exquisite! But I guess I’m not the one to judge my own work – you check for yourselves 🙂

Spring Backgrounds 01 – Beige

Folder for Spring Backgrounds 1 600

Click image for larger view

The first background pack is in beige colour tones. 3 subtle, calm and delightful backgrounds for you to add on to with your photos and texts. All 3 have flower motives – spring flowers in the lightest pink.

Spring Backgrounds 02 – Sky Blue

Folder for Spring Backgrounds 2 600

Click image for larger view

The second background pack is kept in light sky blue colours with feathery spring clouds and then added some birds and flowers as motives.

Practicalities of the Spring Backgrounds

All the backgrounds are 12 x 12, 300 dpi, JPGs. and comes in one ZIP for your download convenience. As an extra bonus, I have added the “clean” backgrounds without decorations so you can make your own spring backgrounds or whatever you fancy. They are also 12 x 12, 300 dpi, JPG.

Everything is approved for Commercial Use.

Download Spring Backgrounds 01 & 02

Download links below image – 14 MB

Folder for Spring Backgrounds 1&2 600

Click image for larger view







Final day tomorrow

Tomorrow – Sunday – will be the final day in my Spring Festival. I have chosen a really pretty paper pack (ornamental patterns of course 🙂 ) for you. They are made from one of the patterns available in the NbF Members Area.

But the end of Spring Festival does NOT mean the end of spring and Easter Freebies. Something will probably pop up sometimes cause the end of a festival does not equal the end of inspiration…


The April Newsletter will be mailed by the end of next week so if you haven’t yet signed up – now is the time to do so or you will miss not one, but two Newsletter Freebies!!!

Have lovely weekend – see you tomorrow…

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Cute Easter

I’ve made you a Cute Easter Pack

Simply because I wanted to…. To begin with Easter is cute but a Cute Easter was something I needed for my own use and of course I made enough to share it with you.

The Cute Easter Pack could have been a Family, but I decided to make it a normal Pack/Kit as it had not yet grown big enough to be a full family. That doesn’t mean it’s not big. Actually the total size is around 86 MB, so you’ll have plenty of downloading to do.

The pack consists of elements only – no papers today!  You get cute little bunnies and fancy Easter eggs in different styles and colours. I hope you can find use for it in either layouts or Easter cards, but after finishing I noticed that the bunnies are suitable for baby stuff too.

The colours are nice pastels suitable for Easter and spring and the individual images come in felt and paper styles, and a few glossy eggs.

Everything is full size, 300 dpi, PNGs. You are welcome to use it for CU as well as PU and S4O/S4H.

Here is the full bundle – the download links can be found beneath with the individual part’s previews.

Folder for Full Cute Easter

Click image for larger view

Cute Easter – Bunny1

Contains 2 page borders and 5 individual bunnies in both felt and paper.

Folder for Cute Easter - Bunny1

Click image for larger view







Cute Easter – Bunny2

Contains 4 page borders and 10 individual bunnies in both felt and paper.

Folder for Cute Easter - Bunny2

Click image for larger view







Cute Easter – DotEgg

Contains 12 page borders and 16 individual  dotted eggs in both felt and paper. As this is a bit bigger than the others, I have separated it into 2 zips – make sure you get them both.

Folder for Cute Easter - DotEgg

Click image for larger view

4shared  –  Part 1    –    Part 2

Box  –  Part 1    –    Part 2

MediaFire  –  Part 1    –    Part 2

Dropbox  –  Part 1    –    Part 2

2shared  –  Part 1    –    Part 2

SugarSync  –  Part 1    –    Part 2

Cute Easter – Eggs

Contains 4 page borders and 2 egg clusters in felt and glossy.

Folder for Cute Easter - Eggs

Click image for larger view







Sorry again…

I just want to apologize once more for my April’s Fool. I realize that It actually had a negative emotional effect on some of you and that was NEVER my intention. I do, however, have a feeling that you are all able to laugh at it now and I hereby promise NOT to do it again.

I have so much free stuff for you just waiting to be uploaded this month and I sure hope you will be back to get it all.

I DO love you all.

Cute Easter signature

Easter Eggs – a 2-egg omelet

Easter Eggs

Spring and Easter are connected and always have been. All though, I have a few times spend my Easter weekend in the summer house building snowmen in the garden…. But the celebration of Easter have somehow moved away from the Christian celebration into a celebration of spring and new beginnings. Hence the Easter Egg!

The Easter Egg have become a symbol of new life, new beginnings, just like the Easter lamb and the sweet little chick. And, boy, de we need a new beginning this year. It’s like this winter have buried us all in storms, snow and cold weather, making us yearn for the sun and warmer temperatures.

Therefore, I dedicate today’s Spring Festival Freebies (2 of them) to the Easter Egg!

Felt Easter Eggs

First up is a pack of felt Easter eggs in lovely colours to decorate any of your Easter creations. You get

  • 5 whole eggs
  • 5 eggs with the top off
  • 2 egg trays with eggs

Everything in felt.

All is full size, 300 dpi, and can be used for CU.

Speaking of new beginnings…. It’s quite interesting that the colour palette I used for these eggs is called “Color Breakfast” (from Design Seeds, of course). It all comes together in the end 🙂

Download links below image.

Preview - Felt Eggs-ited 600

Click image for larger view







Easter Eggs Indulgence

The second Easter Egg Freebie of today is a paper pack. Simple, one coloured papers with a decorative egg border – 6 in all. They make a perfect base to add on or use as is.

All 12 x 12, 300 dpi, JPGs. For PU and S4O/S4H.

Download links below image.

Preview - Easter Eggs Indulgence 600

Click image for larger view.







That’s all the Easter Eggs and new beginnings for today, but come back tomorrow and join the “Journey of Hope”.

All my best wishes for new beginnings…..

Yellow signature - for Easter Eggs