Family News and more…

This is not about my family… Its about A family. I have FINALLY finished some of my planned work and one of the projects was a brand new blog family – The Discover Family!

It is now uploaded and ready to be adopted by you:

DF Index 600175 papers in all made in the LOVELY colours from the Discover Palette by Marisa Lerin over at Pixel Scrapper.

Click the image above to get to the download page.

Very Late Blog Train entry

Speaking of Pixel Scrapper… It was my intention to enter a pack to the May Pixel Scrapper Blog Train, but like everything else in my life at the moment it was procrastinated so I didn’t get it ready in time. But as it was also a request made by Holly Wolf I want you to have it now.

Preview - PS_BT05-15_MulberryPP 600Download:ย  MediaFireย ย ย ย  –ย ย ย ย  Dropbox

The papers in the above pack are JPGs but I have also made each paper in transparent PNGs. They are, however, very large files (app. 25 MB each) so I didn’t add them to the download. Should you want them I have uploaded them for you to get. Below are the links to the folders where you can download them one at a time.

Folder on MediaFire:

Folder on Dropbox:

Please go check out the total list of entries to the Blog Train HERE – It’s Fab!

A personal Update

I want to say Thank You for all the kind comments you have left for me these past weeks. It really boosts my spirit to know that so many of you are thinking of me, caring about me and praying for me and my health. You have no idea how happy it makes me feel. So THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I return lots of cyber-hugs and -kisses right back at you ๐Ÿ™‚

I have now now been taking my new medication for 4 weeks and let me tell you – it’s been close to hell. I had every single side effect on the list and have been in a very bad state both mentally and physically. But it finally seems to turn for the better now and I have agreed with the doctor to carry on for 2 more months to see if it levels itself out and start being a good thing. And in 2 weeks I will be taking my long awaited holiday escape to my favourite place in the world to relax and enjoy the sea and fresh air for a full week ๐Ÿ™‚

I will be back very soon with news for all you Members and a blog freebie, so keep an eye out.

Lots of Love and Gratitude…

Trine 3 - day7

Fantastic News & New Family

Can News be good and bad at the same time?

Well, I think it can – let me explain:

I have news for you that I consider beyond fantastic, and I think you will too. But at the same time this particular piece of news is followed by some consequences that both you ans I may find belonging in the “bad category”….

Here it comes: I’VE GOT A JOB!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

A real full time job doing things I love = communications.

It’s been about 6 years since I was last in a regular, paying job so both my mood and financial situation have got a serious boost. I am starting tomorrow and I can’t wait.

However —–

This also means that I will have much less time designing ๐Ÿ™ But I promise not to leave you completely. I still need a break from time to time. But the frequency with which I post may slow down a bit. I still have lots in my “ready to post” folder and you may not notice anything right away, but I want you to know that it may happen at some point.

I hope you can be just half as happy as I am.

New Family

But that is not the only news of today. I also have a new family for you.

As you may remember, I have been extremely busy lately with a lot of new productions and changes to the site. The results will come graduallyย  over the summer, but today I can reveal the first one: The Enamel Family!

It’s a somewhat different family, but I think you will love it.

As one of the site changes, I have decided to move each family into their own pages to prevent the marathon scroll, and the enamel family is the first one to move in to their own “flat”.

Here is the Family Tree and below you will find the link to the page for downloading.

News - Enamel Family Tree

Click image for larger view

Link to page

Calendar Wallpaper – June

Finally, I am living up to another promise. As I missed the May Calendar Wallpapers, I better make the June version available today. As usual it comes in 3 sizes.

Download links below image.

June Wallpapers

Click image for larger view







That’s all for today. I wish you a wonderful June and promise to be back as soon as time allows.


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Family News

A family is not a family without family…

Uhmmm… What?

Well, what I mean is: Families have to grow to stay a family and the same goes for communities of several families.

That is why I am proud to introduce you to 3 new families in the NbF Community.

New families on the Blog

I could have made a funny title here about “New Kids on the Blog” but I wont ๐Ÿ™‚

The Blog Family Community are happy to welcome 2 very special families:

The Real Egg Family

To mark Easter’s coming, a small family of real, vintage eggs have moved in. They are very nice but a bit reserved, which is why I have to make them PU/S4H.

Preview Real Egg Family BUNDLE 600

Click image for larger view

They can all be found HERE.

The Roula De Cos

Now, watch out… This family is descendants of old, French aristocracy and sometimes have an attitude. But don’t let them frighten you. When you get to know them they are actually very nice and helpful. Their door is always open if you need anything (except money).

Preview - Roula De Co Family Tree 100

Click image for larger view

Come visit them HERE!

New material for Members

The NbF Members Area has also been joined by new members, including a new family.

The Wilsons

An old fashioned, down to earth family with lots of members making the neighbourhood a happy, lively place to be.

Wilson Family Tree 200

Click image for larger view

Other new material – no relations

The Members Area also have 4 new Member tenants for you to get acquainted with.


Preview - Zodiacs_CU 600 Preview - Corner Ornaments_ALL 600


Preview Vintage Tag Alpha 600


Preview - MA_Double Border_CU 600


I am having unidentified problems with my zip program so sometimes it corrupts a file or two in the zips for download. You have been kind enough to let me know when you find one of these, and I want you to continue doing so. Until now I have re-uploaded a few of the spoiled zips, but one of them just kept on being corrupted, no matter what I tried. That is why I am posting the missing file here now, so you can get it solo and un-zipped.

“DotEggs Felt Border big” from the “Cute Easter” kit posted on April 3rd.

Egg Border Felt 1 big

Click image, right click and save image as…

I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I will try to get to the bottom of the problem as soon as possible.

Well, I think that was all for now. I will be back very soon with new freebies – I’m going a little Vintage now…..

See you then ๐Ÿ™‚

Orange signature for Family News

Spring Family Festival

What is a Spring Festival if not a Spring FAMILY Festival?

Fun and celebration requires someone to do it with. And what could be more appropriate than to share it with family? That is why todayย  – instead of Spring Festival – we are celebrating Spring Family Festival.

With LOTS of family members!

I have gathered them all in the special Family Room for you to go visit.

Spring Family Festival 01 – The Filigree Family (CU)

The members are:

  • 1 PAT with 4 patterns, black/transparent, + PNG squares
  • 4 Overlays, black/transparent – 12 x 12 PNGs
  • 4 Bevel overlays, GS – 12 x 12 JPGs
  • 20 bevel papers, coloured (4 designs/5 coloures) – 12 x12 JPGs
  • 32 Papers in 4 paper packs with 8 papers each – 12 x 12 JPGs

Everything is full size, 300 dpi, and can be used for CU as well as PU & S4O/S4H.

Spring Family Festival 01 Preview

Click image for larger view

Spring Family Festival 02 – The Ribbon Deco Family (CU)

The Members are:

  • 1 PAT wit 8 patterns (2 designs/4 sizes), black/transparent, + PNG squares
  • 8 Overlays (2 designs/4 sizes), black/transparent – 12 x 12 PNGs
  • 8 Bevel overlays (2 designs/4 sizes), GS – 12 x 12 JPGs
  • 64 Papers in 8 paper packs with 8 papers each, 4 colour palettes – 12 x 12 JPGs

Everything is full size, 300 dpi, and can be used for CU as well as PU & S4O/S4H.

Spring Family Festival 02 Preview

Click image for larger view

Spring Family Festival 03 – The Big Flower Family (CU)

The members are:

  • 1 PAT with 16 patterns (4 designs/4 sizes), black/transparent, + PNG squares
  • 16 Overlays (4 designs/4 sizes), black/transparent – 12 x 12 PNGs
  • 16 Bevel overlays (4 designs/4 sizes), GS – 12 x 12 JPGs
  • 128 Papers in 16 packs of 8 papers – 12 x 12 JPGs

Everything is full size, 300 dpi, and can be used for CU as well as PU & S4O/S4H.

Spring Family Festival 03 Preview

Click image for larger view

Should you download everything posted today you will be the lucky owner of:

  • 28 patterns
  • 56 overlays
  • 224 papers

Happy Downloading!

Spring Family Festival for Members

The Members Area is also joining in on the Spring Family Festival. 2 new, huge families have joined us with one of them being specially invited for the Easter season. I will not show them all here, just give you the basic patterns preview, and then you can start imagining what lies waiting in the Members Area’s Family section. If you download them all you will have a new stash of

  • 77 patterns
  • 46 overlays
  • 168 papers

They are both for CU4CU.

Preview - Egg Family Patterns GS Transp 600ย  Preview - Doodle Family PAT & Squares 600


I truly hope you will enjoy these new families and come back tomorrow for something a little smaller… ๐Ÿ™‚

Lime Signature for Spring Family Festival