Christmas Finale

Christmas is over…

I really hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas. I had a very busy Christmas Eve but the following days have been the most relaxing in a long time.

I have finally finished creating and uploading the rest of my Christmas Freebies and they are now here for you to download.

Because there are so many files today I have limited the download choices significantly – I have used only MediaFire and Dropbox. If for some reason you can not use either please contact me by email and we will find a solution…

Let It Snow Backgrounds (PU/S4H) – Donation required!

For my first download I will offer you something out of the norm…. It’s not a Freebie!!!!

I made them and then remembered that Cajoline-Scraps does not allow freebies made with her design. But since they were already there and ready to post I decided to offer them as a Donation-Freebie.

If you want to download these beautiful backgrounds please do so, but donate 1$ by using the donate button in the menu on the rigt (the one with the light blue coffee cup). Thank you Very Much!

6 snowy backgrounds – 3 with “Let It Snow” blocks and 3 without. They are all 12×12, 300 dpi. JPGs. They can be used for PU and S4O/S4H only.

Preview - LetItSnowBGs 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Snowdrifts (CU)

To stay in the snowy mood – we actually woke up on Dec. 25th to a lovely white landscape! – I have made you some snowdrifts you can use in your layouts.

There are 5 individual drifts and 2 combined. They are all 12 inches wide and 300 dpi, PNGs. Feel free to use them for CU as well as PU and S4O/S4H.

Preview - Snowdrifts 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Christmas Alpha 2 (CU)

A caps only alpha in red glitter – perfect for Christmas!

Preview - ChristmasAlpha2 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Blackboard Tags (CU)

6 blackboard tags with chalky Christmas decorations. FS, 300 dpi, PNGs.

I have also included print sheets in both A4 and Legal if you should want to print them.

CU, PU & S4O/S4H.

Preview - BB Tags 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Metal Wire Decos (CU)

A small pack of deco material in vintage metal styles. 4 word art and 2 frames.

Individual PNGs, 300 dpi.

Preview - MetalWireDecos 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Christmas Elements Mix (CU)

I could say that this pack was specially made, but the truth is it’s “leftovers” – all the stuff I never got to use…. Never the less, it’s a great pack of Christmas elements for you to use in your layouts.

16 elements in all, FS, 300 dpi.

Preview - ChristmasElementsMix 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Christmas Trees – please!

I’m a little surprised that none of you have emailed me a photo of you Christmas tree (yet)…..

I have shown you mine, now PLEASE show me yours….

For the Members

3 new Christmas items have been added to the Members Area/Christmas Section:

Preview MA - Christmas Alpha 1 600 Preview - Christmas Lights 600 Preview - MA_ChristmasPapers 600

Newsletter – it’s coming…

You might wonder what happened to the Christmas Newsletter. Well it is on it’s way but is now a Christmas/New Year Newsletter. I plan to email it to you tomorrow or on New Years Eve.

Until then…..

Enjoy the rest of 2014!

Trine jul

Cosy Winter – Day 5

All good things must come to an end… And today is the final download day for the Cosy Winter Kit 🙁

But on the other hand – now I can get down to posting something totally different. And I will. When I’ve taken a day or two off…

But before we get down to the to the big finale I want to ask you something:

“Did you get the September Newsletter I mailed on Sunday?”

I know that some of you probably did, but I didn’t so I just want to make sure that everything else went OK and that my missing mail is down to my “Haunted Computer”. So please, If you DIDN’T receive this weekend’s NL, please leave a comment about it. Thank you!

And now I’m ready to bring you the final 2 downloads of the CWK…

CW Kit Preview 600Cosy Winter – Elements 6

A bunch of ribbons, bows and strings – from lace to canvas, 31 pieces in all.

Preview - Elements6-RibbonsBowsStrings 6004shared






Cosy Winter – Papers 4

3 packs – 16 papers. Glitter, sparkle and a little snow.

Preview - CWK Papers4 6004shared






I really hope you have enjoyed this freebie feast and will be using the material to make GREAT layouts.

I’ll be back when the weekend is getting closer with new free stuff for you – until then STAY COSY!

Trine 3 - day8

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE

But Valentine’s Day is not just about love between husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend or other forms of sweethearts. It’s love in the general sense. The day where you can tell/show someone special to you that you love them how platonic it may be. So don’t forget your helpful colleague, your milk man or your dog walker on Valentine’s Day. They too may deserve to know that you appreciate them.

My personal Valentine’s Day greetings goes to the people who have been supporting me in a difficult year of bad health and that includes a lot of you out there. Thank you for being there with your love in the not-so-bright times.

Valentine’s Day Alpha

As promised last time, I have made you all a special Valentine’s Day Alpha to give away today. It is made with one of Kim B’s many wonderful styles and does not have hearts and cupids, so it can be used for other occasions as well.

The alpha contains A-Z letters + Danish Æ, Ø & Å, numbers 0-9 and a few symbols. The font I have used does not have upper and lower cases, just different upper cases, so some of the letters are in 2 versions. Since the used style comes with built-in drop shadows, and I know not all of you like that, I have made the alpha in two versions – one with and one without the shadows.

All is full size, 300 dpi, individual PNGs.

Download links below image.

Folder - Valentine's Day Alpha 600

Click image for larger view.







I wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day and a great weekend. I’ll be back next week with more love and freebies!


Signature for Valentine's Day Alpha

I’m still alive – and bringing you IKEA Freebie

IKEA Freebie

I’m sorry to have been missing in action for a while, but me and my family have been under heavy enemy fire when it comes to illness for the last couple of weeks. But I’m out from under the quilt and ready to hit the keyboard.

My freebie for today is called IKEA and that is not only because you have to assemble it yourself. It’s also because the pattern used is inspired by (stolen from) my IKEA laundry bag. The “IKEA Papers & OLs” contains

  • 6 example papers, 12 x 12, 300 dpi, JPGs
  • 1 transparent overlay, 12 x 12, 300 dpi, PNG (incl. separate PNGs for each layer)
  • 1 solid overlay, 12 x 12, 300 dpi, JPG

The example papers are made to inspire you to use the overlays in many different ways – coloured, with styles, with patterns, etc. Just play around with it and get wonderful results.

The pack is free to use for CU as well as PU and S4O/S4H.

Download links below image.

Preview - IKEA PP&OL 600

Click image for larger view.







New alphas in the Members Area

Even with high fever I managed to finish a load of alphas for the Members Area. 9 new alphas have been added and they are all of the “edible” kind = made from food related styles. Check out the Members Area Gallery to see them all.

And if you love them a.k.a. want them the membership fee will only make the 9 alphas 2.75$ a piece – well actually 1.39$ as the alphas each come in two versions – with and without drop shadows. That’s a bargain on it’s own, and then there is ALL the other great designs in the Members Area….

I hope my health allows me to be back here again very soon.

Trine 3 - day8

Sparkle and Glitter – It’s still Christmas

Did your Christmas Sparkle?

I really hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I did, and I will be keeping it alive for a few more weeks here on NbF. Today’s theme is kind of a re-run… Glitter vs. Sparkle.

If you remember my earlier post about glitter, you’ll know that I have a rather strained relationship with it. But as mentioned – Christmas needs a bit of sparkle. And then I re-discovered my Atomic Cupcake Action “Sparkle” and thought “That’s it!”. I much prefer the sparkle to the glitter, but in today’s freebie I will let you decide who wins the battle between the two. I have made another decorations pack with the well-known Christmas shapes in the well-known Christmas colours. There are 12 shapes each in both glitter and sparkle.

Download links below image.

Folder - Glitter & Sparkle 600

Click image for larger view.







Newsletter Reminder

Just a short – but important – reminder about signing up for the NbF Newsletter: It’s NOT enough to just fill in the boxes and press “Subscribe”. To get on the mailing list you also have to confirm the subscription via the link in the email you receive!!!!

Members Information

In a few days new products will be added to the Members Area so keep an eye on the Members Area Gallery. If you are not yet a member maybe you should consider it…. It’s all goodies in there 🙂

Stay happy and warm and await the final 2013 post arriving tomorrow or Tuesday.

Signature - brown for glitter & sparkle