Members News

This post is for members, BUT I have added a little Christmas-something for all at the end.

I have been busy (very busy) uploading new material to the Members Area. Below is a Preview List of all the news. You can also see them in the Members Area Gallery.

Most important is what’s added in “Christmas”:

Added in “Papers”

Added in “Alphas”

Added in “PS/PSE Presets”


Added in “Elements”

If you are not a member but want to be, you can find the details here.

And now for the non-members who miss today’s Christmas Freebies:

Go HERE to check if you have missed some of my old Christmas items – you never know!

See you all tomorrow!

Good News!

After yet another long break from posting I’m back with good news.

First of all we got our stuff out of storage, so now we only have 500 moving boxes to unpack…. We have our clothes, our furniture and everything else we have been missing for almost a year

Secondly, I have been granted early retirement so I am now “free”. No more municipal demands, no more meetings with caseworkers. I am back to being in control of my own life 🙂

On Monday I celebrated my Birthday (gosh 49!) and my mother came all the way to our little island to join in – Love her!

And soon it will be Christmas 🙂 We have been told there is a chance for a white one this year.

How about that for all good news?

And I have even more of it: Because of my absence I have 3 new freebies for you today.

The first one has been waiting in the archives for a long time, but now it’s finally the right time to share. A Moving Box Alpha to celebrate the return of our belongings.

folderDOWNLOAD:  Mediafire     Dropbox

The second one is a lovely pack of 30 grungy papers in winter tones.

folderDOWNLOAD:  Mediafire     Dropbox

And Finally, a pack of 18 enamel corners in green tones.

folderDOWNLOAD:  Mediafire     Dropbox

For my Members: I am in the process of uploading new stuff to the Members Area, so stay patient, please.

I really hope that your lives are just a little bit as good as mine is at the moment. I will return real soon with a little Christmas Goodies.

Enjoy your December with everything it stands for.

Lots of Love

Trine 3 - day8

Members News + Freebie

After a long wait new material has finally been added to the Members Area.

First the Alpha sections have 5 new products added – here they are:

Preview AntiqueDiamondsAlpha_CU 600Preview NewsAlpha1_CU 600FolderBut that’s not all – by far….

In the Paper section a HUUUUUGE bundle has been added. It’s called Luxury Papers and is way too big for me to show it here. It contains no less than 102 paper packs adding up to 1.149 papers… All are 12×12, 300 dpi, JPGs and CU4CU!

I have made a kind of preview for you to get an idea of what is waiting for you – click on it to see big version:

To explain the idea:

Preview All copy

Each category (A-F) uses one template (shown in black and white) and that template is made into papers in each of the palettes in the category. Each colour in the palettes is made the 4 styles – Ceramic, Gold Enamel, Silver Enamel and Solid.

On top of that each template is also made into 6 Metal Papers.


Luxury Papers A Metal Preview 600Hope you understand my line of thoughts…

If not, get over to the Members Area and see for yourself.

Not a Member yet? See how to become Member HERE.


Before I go I do – of course – have a freebie for Members and Non-Members alike. Its a Paper Pack of the same kind as the Luxury Papers.

FolderDOWNLOAD  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

That’s all folks – see you again soon!

Lots of Love

Trine 3 lime1


Green Week 2 – Spring Papers


It’s the the best season (together with fall). Perfect temperatures, warming sun and hope springs eternal… It’s like starting over, beginning again – a blank canvas. For me a new year doesn’t start on January 1st but on the first day of Spring. And it has arrived now 🙂

So today I will bring you a little bit of spring in form of 2 spring-green paper packs with my best hopes for your “new year”.

Floral Papers 1 – Apple Slice

6 papers with floral patterns in the colours of a juicy green apple.

Preview - FloralPapers_1 600DOWNLOAD – MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Leaf Pattern Papers

10 papers with leaf pattern

Preview - Leaf Pattern PP 600DOWNLOAD – MediaFire     –     Dropbox

News for Members

If you haven’t already noticed, new items have been added to the Members Area:

Alpha section:

2 wooden blocks alphas (CU)

Preview BlockAlpha1-Brights 600 Preview BlockAlpha2-Basic 600

Kit section:

Retro Office Kit with 20 ledger papers and 70 elements (CU)

Preview - MA-RetroOffice 600




Paper section:

6 Mulberry papers (CU) and 6 edged kraft papers (CU)

Preview - MA MulberryPP1 600 Preview - Edged Kraft PP 600

PS/PSE section:

3 packs of stitched hearts patterns (red, pink and powder pink) including overlays and papers (CU)

Preview - StitchedHearts-PowderPink 600 Preview - StitchedHearts-Red 600 Preview - StitchedHearts-Pink 600


Next spring infusion

During the weekend I will be back with the last bunch of spring papers

Until then – live life to the fullest!

Trine 3 lime1

Embroidered Canvas and a Sale

Embroidered Canvas Papers

It has been FAR too long since I was last here and I want to thank you for your patience.

Today I have a little time to spare so I want to bring you 3 good things:

  • A Freebie
  • Newsletter News
  • SALE

The Freebie is a (kind of) paper pack with lovely embroidered canvas “papers”. I must admit I love them…. They have such a cosy, vintage feel to them. I really hope you can find some use for them in you own work.

You get 5 papers all 12 x 12 inches, 300 dpi, JPGs, and you are welcome to use them for CU.

Download links below image.

EmbroideredCanvasPP 600 Folder

Click image for larger view.







Newsletter for June

I have now – finally – finished the next Newsletter and it will be send later today or tomorrow morning at the latest. As usual it contains previews of what is to come, Commenter of the Month and a few freebies. So keep an eye on your inbox…


How can a freebie site have a sale?

They can’t really….

But I have decided to celebrate my new status as employed AND the fact that you are all so kind and stay with me in spite of the gaps in postings. That is why I have lowered the price on the NbF Members Area Fee for the rest of June.

You can now become a member for only 15$ (usual price 25$)

Just use the new “Buy Now” button in the right menu.

BUT REMEMBER – It’s only for the rest of this month (June 30th is the last day).

You can find the “Whats” and the “Hows” right here

Until next time….. Smile 🙂

Signature - Embroidered Paper etc

Family News

A family is not a family without family…

Uhmmm… What?

Well, what I mean is: Families have to grow to stay a family and the same goes for communities of several families.

That is why I am proud to introduce you to 3 new families in the NbF Community.

New families on the Blog

I could have made a funny title here about “New Kids on the Blog” but I wont 🙂

The Blog Family Community are happy to welcome 2 very special families:

The Real Egg Family

To mark Easter’s coming, a small family of real, vintage eggs have moved in. They are very nice but a bit reserved, which is why I have to make them PU/S4H.

Preview Real Egg Family BUNDLE 600

Click image for larger view

They can all be found HERE.

The Roula De Cos

Now, watch out… This family is descendants of old, French aristocracy and sometimes have an attitude. But don’t let them frighten you. When you get to know them they are actually very nice and helpful. Their door is always open if you need anything (except money).

Preview - Roula De Co Family Tree 100

Click image for larger view

Come visit them HERE!

New material for Members

The NbF Members Area has also been joined by new members, including a new family.

The Wilsons

An old fashioned, down to earth family with lots of members making the neighbourhood a happy, lively place to be.

Wilson Family Tree 200

Click image for larger view

Other new material – no relations

The Members Area also have 4 new Member tenants for you to get acquainted with.


Preview - Zodiacs_CU 600 Preview - Corner Ornaments_ALL 600


Preview Vintage Tag Alpha 600


Preview - MA_Double Border_CU 600


I am having unidentified problems with my zip program so sometimes it corrupts a file or two in the zips for download. You have been kind enough to let me know when you find one of these, and I want you to continue doing so. Until now I have re-uploaded a few of the spoiled zips, but one of them just kept on being corrupted, no matter what I tried. That is why I am posting the missing file here now, so you can get it solo and un-zipped.

“DotEggs Felt Border big” from the “Cute Easter” kit posted on April 3rd.

Egg Border Felt 1 big

Click image, right click and save image as…

I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I will try to get to the bottom of the problem as soon as possible.

Well, I think that was all for now. I will be back very soon with new freebies – I’m going a little Vintage now…..

See you then 🙂

Orange signature for Family News

Valentine Journal Cards

Vintage Journal Cards with a Valentine feel

I’m afraid there is no major improvement in my health situation. This d… flu is a tough one. But the good news is that I’m am using designing and posting as “therapy” to forget how lousy I feel 🙂

That is how I can bring  you a new Valentine’s freebie today: Valentine Journal Cards. I must admit that I like them a lot myself…. They are all made with the same background but with different vintage stamps to decorate them.

The card size is 12 x 8 cm, 300 dpi, and you are welcome to use them for CU as well as PU and S4O/S4H.

Download links below image.

Folder - Valentine Journal Cards 600

Click image for larger view.







New items on Members Area

I have also added 3 new items in the Members Area including a frame version of today’s freebie. Check out the Members Area Gallery to see all 3 new items, and join in on the fun by signing up as a member…

I hope you will forgive this short post today, but handling SEO and being witty and wise is NOT part of my computer therapy, so I’ll end now and let you have fun with your new Journal Cards.


Signature for Valentine Journal Cards

I’m still alive – and bringing you IKEA Freebie

IKEA Freebie

I’m sorry to have been missing in action for a while, but me and my family have been under heavy enemy fire when it comes to illness for the last couple of weeks. But I’m out from under the quilt and ready to hit the keyboard.

My freebie for today is called IKEA and that is not only because you have to assemble it yourself. It’s also because the pattern used is inspired by (stolen from) my IKEA laundry bag. The “IKEA Papers & OLs” contains

  • 6 example papers, 12 x 12, 300 dpi, JPGs
  • 1 transparent overlay, 12 x 12, 300 dpi, PNG (incl. separate PNGs for each layer)
  • 1 solid overlay, 12 x 12, 300 dpi, JPG

The example papers are made to inspire you to use the overlays in many different ways – coloured, with styles, with patterns, etc. Just play around with it and get wonderful results.

The pack is free to use for CU as well as PU and S4O/S4H.

Download links below image.

Preview - IKEA PP&OL 600

Click image for larger view.







New alphas in the Members Area

Even with high fever I managed to finish a load of alphas for the Members Area. 9 new alphas have been added and they are all of the “edible” kind = made from food related styles. Check out the Members Area Gallery to see them all.

And if you love them a.k.a. want them the membership fee will only make the 9 alphas 2.75$ a piece – well actually 1.39$ as the alphas each come in two versions – with and without drop shadows. That’s a bargain on it’s own, and then there is ALL the other great designs in the Members Area….

I hope my health allows me to be back here again very soon.

Trine 3 - day8

Christmas Tags & new Members Area Products

As promised I’m back with another Christmas freebie, today it’s Christmas Tags.

I have always had a weakness for Tags, both digital and in real life, most of all Christmas tags as they have so many uses. Since we cancelled Christmas gifts in our family (Yes, you read it right – we do not give Christmas presents any more) I miss creating fancy, personalised Christmas tags. What to do? Make them digital for others to use on their gifts.

That is why today you get a pack of 7 vintage style Christmas Tags to use for both gifts (printable) and as decoration on your layouts. They are app. 5 x 10 cm, 300 dpi, and come as individual pngs.

Download links below image.

Folder - Christmas Tags NbF_PU-S4H 600

Click image for larger view.







New products in Members Area incl. more Christmas Tags

I also want to mention that 2 new products have been added to the Members Area today:

Preview - Snowflake PP Glitter 600   Preview - MA Christmas Tags 600

And yes, they look familiar, but they are not the same as seen here on the blog. It’s a glitter version of yesterday’s Snowflake Papers and another version of Christmas Tags. If you are not already a member go here to see how you get to be.

I will now forget about Christmas Tags and other digital Christmas fun and go prepare for the storm to arrive in a few hours. Cross your fingers that we will get through it unharmed – Thanks.


Signature - brown

Birthday Launch – and a CU4CU Freebie

Birthday Site Launch

I promised you a big launch of a finish website on my Birthday. Today is my Birthday. Is the site finish?

Well, almost. The most important things are in place, and I’m satisfied with the results so far. Now I only have to hope that you will be satisfied too, cause today is the day…

Welcome to the (almost) finish web site of Nothing but Freebies.

What’s new?

First of all, of course, there is the new look, but you already know about that (and thank you for your positive feedback).

  • A slider has beed added to the front page showing all recent freebies and new will be added for each posting.
  • The top menu have grown and could look better, but for now this is what it is.
  • But most important….
  • The Members Area is now up and running!

Members Area

My best Birthday present this year was when I late last night could lean back and say “Done!”. I have been working almost around the clock to get it finish for today – uploads take a bloody long time!

But now I can welcome anyone who wants to join my little club.

Member Area Ticket

The details of the What, How and Why is described on the “Membership – What & How” page, but here is a short summery:

  • As a member you will get access to the Members Area and thereby tons of exclusive Freebies and other goodies.
  • You become a member by purchasing the access code from the PayPal button found in the menu on the right.
  • The price for lifetime access is only $25 once and for all.
  • Special gifts and events will be initiated in the beginning of 2014.
  • A Members Newsletter will be added as soon as the member list is long enough.

Now isn’t that a Membership worth considering…

I really hope you will enjoy both the open-to-all site and the Members Area.

What is to come?

One of the things I didn’t get done in time is the Backlist. The plan is to move some of my older Freebies to a Backlist, just like publishers do with books. I hope it will be done before Christmas.
Neither did I manage to get through all the posts from Blogger so some of them look a little peculiar – but they should be working.

Birthday & Launch Freebie

No post without a Freebie. Today I chose to take one of the overlay packs from the Members Area and turn it into a paper pack for you. The circle patterns are a bit retro, and when I saw today’s colour palette from Design Seeds there was no doubt. Here is “Retro Circle Papers” for you:

Download links below image.

Birthday launch - Retro Circle Papers

Click image for larger view.







Now I’ll go into the City to have cake and hot chocolate with my mother – Happy Birthday to me!

Signature - Birthday launch