Flower Stickers

Just to keep you waiting – Flower Stickers

While I am working hard on all my spring and Easter products I give you a small “While You Wait” Freebie consisting of 9 beautiful flower stickers.

The flower stickers come in 3 colours and 3 designs. They are full size (8×8 cm) and may be used for CU.

Play around with them – layer them in a bouquet, play with drop shadows and blending modes and you can really create something fantastic.

Preview - Flower Stickers 600DOWNLOAD:   MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Flower Stickers are OK – but what are we waiting for….?

Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed!

Tomorrow you will find a collection of Peony Overlays in different colour tones and textures.

My plans for Easter includes a big bundle with the name “Messy Easter”.

And on top of that a new family is about to move in – “Flora Family” – lovely family!

I have not forgotten my faithful members. 2 new Kits/Bundles are about to be born.

There will probably be more coming – you know me, I am unstoppable!

Until tomorrow – add flowers to your life 🙂

Trine 3 - day7

Christmas stickers – digital or printout

I went to Nbf and all I got was some lousy Christmas Stickers!

Today my imagination (and time) didn’t mount to more than a pack of Christmas Stickers. But that is OK too, cause they can be used in both the digital and the analogue world. Use them as decoration on your layouts, as tape to fasten something or maybe as a “stamp” on your Christmas emails.

But if you print and cut out the stickers you can actually use them as….. well, stickers! Glue them on your Christmas present or cards, or glue two together with a string in the middle and hang them on your tree.

The pack contains 6 different Christmas stickers, each in both white and kraft paper. They are around 7 cm, 300 dpi, PNGs.

Download from one of the links below the image.

Folder - Christmas Stickers 600

Click image for larger view.







Letter from Santa…

I have just received a letter (email) from Santa with his writing for the next NbF Newsletter, and, boy, is that something to look forward to. I will definitely recommend everyone who has not yet signed up for the newsletter to do so now to get in on Santa’s wise words (and Christmas Surprise).

Please notice – My Newsletter supplier is not able to attach the latest issue with the sign-up confirmation, so all new subscribers will have to wait for the next issue. Sorry!

Just a warm-up

I have NO need for a warm-up.

My Gosh, It’s HOT around here at the moment! I do NOT need a warm-up, thank you very much.

Days around 30 C and “tropical nights” (=above 20 C). I know a lot of people enjoy it, but frankly…. I’ve had enough!!! It’s as if my brain is melting.

But I still manage to make new material – I aim to please, even if it means suffering for you 🙂
Today’s freebie is a warm-up to get you ready for the coming days when I will bring you LOADS of news on both NbF and EBF. So use this to warm up your download finger…

You get a pack of summer fruits to brighten up your work – 7 vintage fruits each as flair, cut-out and sticker.

Download links below image.

warm-up folder


Lately I have received some requests in my comments and if you have something your would like me to make, please don’t hold back – I LOVE getting challenged!

As an info to “Anonymous” 3 – I’m working on your Marquee Lights and will get them up here soon. (They are here now)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend – see you very soon.


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