Christmas Finale

Christmas is over…

I really hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas. I had a very busy Christmas Eve but the following days have been the most relaxing in a long time.

I have finally finished creating and uploading the rest of my Christmas Freebies and they are now here for you to download.

Because there are so many files today I have limited the download choices significantly – I have used only MediaFire and Dropbox. If for some reason you can not use either please contact me by email and we will find a solution…

Let It Snow Backgrounds (PU/S4H) – Donation required!

For my first download I will offer you something out of the norm…. It’s not a Freebie!!!!

I made them and then remembered that Cajoline-Scraps does not allow freebies made with her design. But since they were already there and ready to post I decided to offer them as a Donation-Freebie.

If you want to download these beautiful backgrounds please do so, but donate 1$ by using the donate button in the menu on the rigt (the one with the light blue coffee cup). Thank you Very Much!

6 snowy backgrounds – 3 with “Let It Snow” blocks and 3 without. They are all 12×12, 300 dpi. JPGs. They can be used for PU and S4O/S4H only.

Preview - LetItSnowBGs 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Snowdrifts (CU)

To stay in the snowy mood – we actually woke up on Dec. 25th to a lovely white landscape! – I have made you some snowdrifts you can use in your layouts.

There are 5 individual drifts and 2 combined. They are all 12 inches wide and 300 dpi, PNGs. Feel free to use them for CU as well as PU and S4O/S4H.

Preview - Snowdrifts 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Christmas Alpha 2 (CU)

A caps only alpha in red glitter – perfect for Christmas!

Preview - ChristmasAlpha2 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Blackboard Tags (CU)

6 blackboard tags with chalky Christmas decorations. FS, 300 dpi, PNGs.

I have also included print sheets in both A4 and Legal if you should want to print them.

CU, PU & S4O/S4H.

Preview - BB Tags 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Metal Wire Decos (CU)

A small pack of deco material in vintage metal styles. 4 word art and 2 frames.

Individual PNGs, 300 dpi.

Preview - MetalWireDecos 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Christmas Elements Mix (CU)

I could say that this pack was specially made, but the truth is it’s “leftovers” – all the stuff I never got to use…. Never the less, it’s a great pack of Christmas elements for you to use in your layouts.

16 elements in all, FS, 300 dpi.

Preview - ChristmasElementsMix 600MediaFire     –     Dropbox

Christmas Trees – please!

I’m a little surprised that none of you have emailed me a photo of you Christmas tree (yet)…..

I have shown you mine, now PLEASE show me yours….

For the Members

3 new Christmas items have been added to the Members Area/Christmas Section:

Preview MA - Christmas Alpha 1 600 Preview - Christmas Lights 600 Preview - MA_ChristmasPapers 600

Newsletter – it’s coming…

You might wonder what happened to the Christmas Newsletter. Well it is on it’s way but is now a Christmas/New Year Newsletter. I plan to email it to you tomorrow or on New Years Eve.

Until then…..

Enjoy the rest of 2014!

Trine jul

A BIG one!

Happy 1st Advent Sunday!!! Now this post is gonna be a big one… I have so much I need to get out to you before I go on my vacation.

A BIG weekend!

It has been some weekend for me. Let me break it down for you:


  • was my Birthday 🙂 Yes, another one… (47 for those who care about details)
  • was the day for the company Christmas Party
  • was my last day of work
  • had Birthday cake for dinner 🙂


  • my mother dropped by to bring us the annual home made Christmas Wreath for the front door, and to cut half of my hair off – I hope I haven’t lost my super powers!


  • washing, drying and packing
  • decorating for Christmas
  • learning to use the new camera
  • posting this mega-post for you

And TOMORROW I’m off to Bornholm – but not before I have spend a few hours in line at the unemployment centre to register for my sickness benefits! –  I get a bit tired just writing it all down.

Since I won’t be able to post for the next week, I have arranged this mega-post to get you all the freebies of next week. You are welcome to download them all at once or you can take each one on the day specified.

Let’s get started…..

TODAY (Sunday 30/11)

I want to celebrate my Birthday with a little colour fiesta, so I hereby offer you a pack of very colourful candy stripe papers – classic, rainbow and gradients. 6 in all.

Preview - Candy Stripes 6004shared






TUESDAY (2/12 2014)

Oh, it’s Tuesday already? I better give you a 2 files freebie then. This one is the long awaited Paper Tags that I have been advertising in the Newsletters for 2 or 3 months. Here they finally are…

7 shapes in 4 paper styles = 28 tags in all. Split into 2 download files so make sure to get them both.

Preview - Paper Tags 6004shared  –  Part 1    –    Part 2

Box  –  Part 1    –    Part 2

MediaFire  –  Part 1    –    Part 2

Dropbox  –  Part 1    –    Part 2

2shared  –  Part 1    –    Part 2

SugarSync  –  Part 1    –    Part 2

WEDNESDAY (3/12 2014)

Let’s go absolutely Polka Dot Bungus today! I have made you a pack of various material to make your own polka dot papers in 3 sizes dots:

  • Layered PSDs
  • PNGs for each layer
  • The final papers
  • …and a bonus of Overlays

Preview - PolkaDotStripes 6004shared






FRIDAY (5/12 2014)

Let’s end the week with a BIG BANG of colour and style!

I have made you 2 packs of enamel frames in gold and silver – 1 of 5 frames and 1 of 6 frames. The colours are randomly chosen, but I think they will go pretty well with Christmas layouts.

Pack 1 – 5 frames in silver/enamel

Preview - EnamelPB_Floating 6004shared






Pack 2 – 6 frames in gold/enamel

Preview - EnamelPB_FloraDeep 6004shared






The big homecoming

It’s now Friday night, I’m back home and my vacation is over 🙁

But by this time I should be relaxed and re-energized so it’s now time for CHRISTMAS!!!!

I will be back to start the Big Christmas Celebration very shortly – hope you will all join me then.

Best December Wishes – and big kisses

Summer Papers Signature

Cosy Winter – Day 4

Oh, oh… we are almost done…

But that means you can soon begin to scrap with it all – yeahhh!

Today is the official first day of Fall, at least here in Denmark, and I must admit that my prayers are being heard. Finally, we have a day below 20 C. It’s crispy and sunny – just the way I like it! Knitted sweaters get ready!

Today’s part of Cosy Winter Kit is (almost) all elements (a few backgrounds may be hiding somewhere), and we really have to “play house” today.

CW Kit Preview 600Cosy Winter – elements 4

Interior – build your own cosy room to stay in on cold days. 7 pieces and 2 room backgrounds.

Preview - Elements4-Interior 6004shared






Cosy Winter – elements 5

2 packs in one – 1 pack of lovely knittings and one with beautiful tags and labels.

Preview - CWK Elements5 6004shared






Tomorrow will bring you the final 2 freebies of this kit. There will be papers and, of course – ribbons  & bows. See you then.

Trine 3 - day8

Vintage Pressed Frame Tags

Today’s Pressed Frame Freebie

I am almost done with my Pressed Frame series and today you get a pack of Tags. It contains 9 tags in different brown hues with beautiful pressed frames. Use them as you see fit – as text background, decorate them with images or brushes/stamps or print them out for labels.

The tags are 4 inches wide, 300 dpi, PNGs, but can be re-sized to you needs.

You are welcome to use them for PU, S4O/S4H and CU.

Download links below image.

Preview - Vintage Pressed Frame Tags 600

Click image for larger view







My Easter

Since many of you were kind enough to wish me a happy Easter yesterday, I just wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic Saturday! Not only did I get spoiled with my mother’s cooking, but the real spring arrived yesterday so we were able to take our coffee in the garden enjoying the warm sunshine 🙂

Suddenly it didn’t matter that much that I was actually feeling “not-so-good”…

I truly hope that you were as lucky as me and were/is able to enjoy some lovely Easter days with lots of sunshine and family love.

Latest bulletin on the Newsletter

I know my long distance care takers tried to make me postpone the Newsletter to take care of ME, but I am actually – although not up to my best – feeling in the mood for making it. So the plan is publishing tomorrow (Monday at the latest). And besides the freebies it will actually contain News 🙂

Hope to reach you through the digital express…

Get out there and enjoy life to the fullest!


Pressed Frame Tags Signature

Christmas Tags & new Members Area Products

As promised I’m back with another Christmas freebie, today it’s Christmas Tags.

I have always had a weakness for Tags, both digital and in real life, most of all Christmas tags as they have so many uses. Since we cancelled Christmas gifts in our family (Yes, you read it right – we do not give Christmas presents any more) I miss creating fancy, personalised Christmas tags. What to do? Make them digital for others to use on their gifts.

That is why today you get a pack of 7 vintage style Christmas Tags to use for both gifts (printable) and as decoration on your layouts. They are app. 5 x 10 cm, 300 dpi, and come as individual pngs.

Download links below image.

Folder - Christmas Tags NbF_PU-S4H 600

Click image for larger view.







New products in Members Area incl. more Christmas Tags

I also want to mention that 2 new products have been added to the Members Area today:

Preview - Snowflake PP Glitter 600   Preview - MA Christmas Tags 600

And yes, they look familiar, but they are not the same as seen here on the blog. It’s a glitter version of yesterday’s Snowflake Papers and another version of Christmas Tags. If you are not already a member go here to see how you get to be.

I will now forget about Christmas Tags and other digital Christmas fun and go prepare for the storm to arrive in a few hours. Cross your fingers that we will get through it unharmed – Thanks.


Signature - brown

Halloween 26 – Add-Ons – Mixed TOU Freebies

Add-Ons – aren’t they just the best? Usually, when I have these theme weeks or months, I finish off with a “Doggy Bag” made from all the stuff I didn’t use. But this time I used all my material and had nothing left for a doggy bag. So what do one do…? Add-Ons!

I have made you an Add-On Bundle for Friday’s Grunge Papers – mostly because that was one piece that was suitable for all year use, but also because it was a popular pack. In the Add-Ons Bundle you’ll get:

  • 8 Grunge Flowers – I left out the centre piece so you can add the one you want.
  • 8 Grunge Butterflies – they are pre-shadowed, otherwise they wouldn’t be alive
  • 8 Grunge Tags – also printable for your autumn preserves 🙂

Everything is made from the Grunge Papers and I have to admit: I like it a lot. Please notice that each part of the bundle has its own TOU so check the individual previews.

Download links below image.

Preview - Grunge Add-On Bundle 600


Preview - Grunge AddOn Butterflies 600 Preview - Grunge AddOn Flowers 600 Preview - Grunge AddOn Tags 600







BUT you know me… I have some difficulties limiting myself when I first get started. Therefore, I have a Bonus Add-On for you – a tiny little bonus add-on. It consists of 50 tiny brads (app. 1 cm) in the shapes square, round, diamond, oval and rectangle. Again suitable for all year use. And yes – I know I have put the wrong number of brads on the preview but better less than more, right. I have also included the circle of all the brads used for the preview, just in case you could fin use for it.

Download links below image.

Preview - Tiny Brads 600

Click image for larger view







That’s All Folks!

Halloween is officially over on Nothing but Freebies. I hope you have enjoyed the ride and can find use for my material. Remember that I would love to see some of your work.

Tomorrow is a new week and NbF will go back to it’s normal look again. I will be taking a breather but will return soon with Anything But Halloween…

And now I will sit back and wait for my daily comments from Stacy and Vi – LOL!


Halloween Signature

Ladies & Gentlemen Day 3

Those of you who are returning customers to this blog have probably found out by now that I have a tendency to “go overboard” when it comes to Nick-Nacks (a.k.a. elements). You might even have reached the point of “Oh no, not more of that”? But yes. Today you get more of that. And here is the reason:

When I use actions in my work I see it as therapy, de-stressing therapy. All I have to do is click, lean back, sip my coffee and watch it go… I LOVE it! So if you want all the freebies that take time for me to make, you have to forgive all the action made nick-nacks – they go hand in hand if I want to remain sane!

So I hope you have room in you archives for a little (a lot) more, because today’s final parts of the Ladies & Gentlemen Kits are – ta-da – the Nick-Nacks. I have tried to make more feminine stuff for the Ladies and a bit more masculine stuff for the Gentlemen. If you download them both you will have no less than 151 items to throw around on your layouts. (And if you have had enough already, just don’t download. But on the other hand it is free so there is nothing to loose – except a little disc space).

I hope you have enjoyed these last 3 days’ freebies and want to come back tomorrow for a new invention her on Nothing but Freebies – “Just a little bit” Friday!

See you?