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Put your important messages in a Text Frame

I promised you more elements and here they are. I have converted some lovely brushes by Diana’z Designz into different styles of text frames for that very important message or title. There are 10 different frames and I have made them in 3 different styles: Silver, Iron and Craft Cut-out. Please notice that it is NOT a mistake that frame 8 and 9 is not included as Craft Cut-outs – it simply because they are open to the sides, and that makes the craft cut-out action doing some real strange things with it….

Each frame is app. 5 inches wide but can easily be made smaller to your liking. They come as individual PNGs and you are welcome to use them for PU, S4O/S4H and CU.

Download links below image.

Folder for Text Frames

Click image for larger view







Back to papers

As I can not stay away from making papers, I will be returning tomorrow with some of my latest for you. I may even make it another double… They will be in wonderful summer colours and really brighten up your days.

I have also heard from a secret source that a new family has applied for a spot on the blog. I don’t yet have the details, but stay tuned to find out – I’ll keep you informed.

Overlays (maybe) coming up….

Second to papers, overlays are one of my favourite things to make. They are so versatile and can make almost everything you want and need. However, they have one problem – They are PNGs and that means HEAVY files. So I need your help here….

If I want to post some of them for you, how would you prefer to get them? As single downloads (one in each) or can you manage download files over 30 MB?

Please leave a comment to let me know. I have SO many of them and would really like to share them with you.

Enjoy the rest of Mother’s Day and come back tomorrow for the papers.


Trine 3 - day3

8 thoughts on “Text Frames

  1. thank you so much for the awesome sentiment text frame. These frames will certainly add oomph to any personalized sentiment! I would prefer the bulk download for convenience and speed purposes (but that’s of course because I have high download speed internet connection, which takes less than a minute to download 30mb file size.)

  2. These are great! thank you. As for overlay question, I for one have no problem with downloads over 30mb. And I know what you mean about making papers. I sometimes get inspired with a number of ideas for papers and just keep going. Hugs!

  3. Thank you so very much for your beautiful text frames. They are perfect for adding sentiments to the cards I craft. Also looking forward to meeting the new family when it arrives. 🙂

    I can handle file sizes greater than 30 MB, and agree with the comment from Paperpapier that the larger size download is more convenient.

  4. Hi thank you for the wonderful freebies so far, as for download limits I have a good broadband provider so any way you like for me, But I do think some people may not be so lucky so maybe 10mb lots would be good then everyone is cared for.

  5. love these! thank you so much! I loved overlays and now with my new laptop that has space – I can take bigger files, but I’ll go with the majority, cause I know not everyone has highspeed.

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