Valentine Journal Cards

Vintage Journal Cards with a Valentine feel

I’m afraid there is no major improvement in my health situation. This d… flu is a tough one. But the good news is that I’m am using designing and posting as “therapy” to forget how lousy I feel 🙂

That is how I can bring  you a new Valentine’s freebie today: Valentine Journal Cards. I must admit that I like them a lot myself…. They are all made with the same background but with different vintage stamps to decorate them.

The card size is 12 x 8 cm, 300 dpi, and you are welcome to use them for CU as well as PU and S4O/S4H.

Download links below image.

Folder - Valentine Journal Cards 600

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New items on Members Area

I have also added 3 new items in the Members Area including a frame version of today’s freebie. Check out the Members Area Gallery to see all 3 new items, and join in on the fun by signing up as a member…

I hope you will forgive this short post today, but handling SEO and being witty and wise is NOT part of my computer therapy, so I’ll end now and let you have fun with your new Journal Cards.


Signature for Valentine Journal Cards

11 thoughts on “Valentine Journal Cards

  1. Love these! Hope you have seen a doctor because flu can rapidly go into bronchitis or pneumonia. I was ill about 4 months last year and it all started with flu that went into bronchitis. Sending healing hugs and prayers your way.

  2. these are gorgeous! thank you so much! I do hope you feel better soon. this flu is aweful. Hope you’re getting plenty of rest and liquids!

  3. How anyone can design such beautiful work while feeling ill is beyond my comprehension, but I thank you so much for providing (yet again) such beautiful items. The valentine journal cards (here and in the Members Area) are just gorgeous! So are the Greek borders and the skinny alpha. What talent you have.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take care of yourself. This flu is just awful. I echo the suggestions of the previous commenters. As much as we love your work, your health comes first. Please give that your highest priority!

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