Valentine’s Day delayed due to Spring Arrival

It was my intention to come back from my New Year Vacation for Valentine’s Day, but hen Spring arrived. I have added a few pictures to prove it:

Svaneke Harbour

From a walk in my town

Snow drops in my garden

Erantis in my garden

I hope you can understand that a weather like that is not for inside computer work. I went out to drink the sunshine up and load up on vitamin D and it did me good.

But nothing lasts forever and right now the snow is coming down like in a Disney movie and I’m drinking tea and eating the rest of the Christmas cookies 🙂 AND I’m back behind my computer screen to catch up….

…So better late than never – let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I have made you two freebies of Valentine’s Hearts – one with enamel hearts and one with Patterns, overlays and papers. Although I’m not a bog fan of pink, I decided that you can’t have Valentine’s Day without it – so you get pink.

Valentine’s Hearts – Enamel Hearts

24 gold enamel hearts.

Download  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

Valentine’s Hearts –  Patterns, overlays and papers

  • 6 patterns in transparent black
  • 6 patterns in solid pink
  • 6 overlays – transparent black
  • 6 papers – solid pink

Download  –  Mediafire     –     Dropbox

I hope you can use these freebies before next Valentine’s Day.

See you soon.

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5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day delayed due to Spring Arrival

  1. Love the pictures you have shared — it’s so nice to get a glimpse of your beautiful world.
    Thank you for your gorgeous enamel hearts and paper collection. These can be used for various occasions throughout the year, not just for Valentine’s Day. 🙂

  2. hello nice to see you back and I hope the sunshine is doing you good. very nice photoes thank you for sharing.

    ps. I wonder if you would mind helping me I have lost my pass word for the members area, is there any way you can resend it to me. thank you

  3. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures! We have had some very unusual February weather here in Michigan. It was 70F – 21C today. We had thunderstorms, tornado watches and hail!

    The U.S. has never converted to metric and I guess it won’t be happening now. I was raised in Canada so I am a Smarty Pants here!

    I’m a member so I think I am still on your mailing list but I will check the box below anyway.

  4. Thank you for these beautiful hearts. I love the designs. Someday when I have more time to play around and practice I’ll figure out patterns, but for now I’ll make use of the overlays, which are also beautiful. Thank you so much, especially for the variety and options.

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