Vintage Pressed Frame Tags

Today’s Pressed Frame Freebie

I am almost done with my Pressed Frame series and today you get a pack of Tags. It contains 9 tags in different brown hues with beautiful pressed frames. Use them as you see fit – as text background, decorate them with images or brushes/stamps or print them out for labels.

The tags are 4 inches wide, 300 dpi, PNGs, but can be re-sized to you needs.

You are welcome to use them for PU, S4O/S4H and CU.

Download links below image.

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My Easter

Since many of you were kind enough to wish me a happy Easter yesterday, I just wanted to let you know that I had a fantastic Saturday! Not only did I get spoiled with my mother’s cooking, but the real spring arrived yesterday so we were able to take our coffee in the garden enjoying the warm sunshine 🙂

Suddenly it didn’t matter that much that I was actually feeling “not-so-good”…

I truly hope that you were as lucky as me and were/is able to enjoy some lovely Easter days with lots of sunshine and family love.

Latest bulletin on the Newsletter

I know my long distance care takers tried to make me postpone the Newsletter to take care of ME, but I am actually – although not up to my best – feeling in the mood for making it. So the plan is publishing tomorrow (Monday at the latest). And besides the freebies it will actually contain News 🙂

Hope to reach you through the digital express…

Get out there and enjoy life to the fullest!


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10 thoughts on “Vintage Pressed Frame Tags

  1. Thanks so much for the tags! I think this is a beautiful design element (the pressed look) and know I will enjoy using it often.

  2. these are truly beautiful thank you so much, also I too had a nice Easter. I went out for the day with my daughter and granddaughter, It was a lovely sunny day.

  3. Not only do I appreciate you sharing with us but I like that you have choices for us as to how we download. That is a lot of extra work. Thank you so very much.

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  5. Thank you so much for these delightful tags, even more so when you are not feeling very well!! Hoe you feel better now, Even over here, we had some lovely summer days :o)

    Helen from England

  6. These tags are so lovely, and they work so perfectly with the other pressed items you have so kindly provided to us. Also, your newsletter was just fantastic – so full of news and glimpses of the many wonderful treats you will be sharing with us in the future. Thank you also for all the great freebies you included in the newsletter as well. Your creativity, your attention to detail, and your unending generosity are so greatly appreciated.

    So glad you got to enjoy some time with your mother, and that the weather was pleasant for you. You deserve lots of sunny days filled with love. 🙂

  7. These tags are lovely THANK YOU. 🙂
    I am sorry you are not feeling so good at the moment but glad that Spring is coming to you 😀
    It is very warm here now and today is the last day of Passover for me.
    I look forward to my Newsletter .
    IKE in Greece xxxxx

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